I recently ordered the 21 day fix. I'm doing the workouts and following the suggested eating plan. I am now contemplating the shakeology shakes but I'm still breastfeeding my son. So any Mom's know if this is ok to do or should I just wait until I'm done with BF???

Teresa K 1 like

Shakeo is definitely good while BF! Go for it๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Jeana F 1 like

a rep told me its great if ur breastfeeding that its okay to have it thats what i was told

Christina D 1 like

Tell if it works I was thinking of getting it

FT M 1 like

A beach body coach I know got it approved as a prenatal vitamin by her doctor. She's 25 weeks and doing amazing! She mixes it with almond milk and drinks it every morning!

Amy A 0 likes

I'm assuming it would have to replace the prenatals I'm currently taking them??

FT M 1 like

That I know of yes..

Amy A 0 likes

Since I do not have the shakes yet, can anyone tell me what's in them??

FT M 0 likes

I tried to post pictures here but it doesn't let me. Look it up on their website or look up reviews to help u out.

FT M 1 like

It's a whole bunch of vitamins and plant extracts and proteins.

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