I recently got my 2 ½ year old daughter into a early intervention program for her speech. My husband is totally against it. He feels like she doesn't need it. Now I know every child has their own pace of learning and talking, etc. but I've been seeing other kids younger than her and are speaking in 5-6 word sentences. I don't know whether or not to continue with the program. I feel as if this program can help her. What should I do?

Tiah C 1 like

I would keep her in it. My lil boy almost 4 has only been in school a few weeks and he has improved tremendously!! I wish I wouldn't have listened to my hubby and put him in sooner! The specialist said he was fine just spoiled and too babied. That he would start talking more if he was away from me. He was the baby so we all talked for him. Going against hubby is hard I know but mommas know best!

Natalie G 2 likes

It's help and it isn't going to hurt. There's no medication involved so I don't see it as a problem. I went through this with my son. He finally talked around 2 1/2 3 years old. He talks tooooo much now. I say leave her in. Early help is best.

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If you feel like it can help, then it's a no brainer. As a parent, especially a mom, it is our job to always do what we think it best for our children. This program is not going to hurt her in any way, it can only help. There is nothing wrong with giving it a chance. Your hubby can sulk for whatever reason, you keep putting your daughter first. Good job mama!!!

Cristina C 2 likes

Thanks for the feedback ladies!!! ☺️

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