I recently found out my 3 month old has a milk protein allergy and since I'm nursing, I have to change my diet and start eating dairy free. Any tips or suggestions? (Recipes, substitutions, advice, etc.)

Cara F 0 likes

Vanilla soy milk for cereals!

Kristin C 0 likes

How did you find this out if you aRe ebf? Just curious as I ebf and wondered how you can tell

Guadalupe V 2 likes

Vanilla almond milk is really good

Alysha B 0 likes

Margarine for butter. Soy or almond milk for milk. Read labels because some surprising things contain dairy. Kristin - my son was spitting up frequently & the lactation consultant said to try eliminating dairy from my diet. If that didn't work, try soy. There were other possibilities but avoiding dairy worked for my son.

K C 0 likes

Kristin- I found out because my son was extremely fussy and seemed like he was in pain (screaming, arching back, gas, inconsolable, etc.) The pediatrician tested his stool and it came back positive for a milk protein allergy.

Dana T 0 likes

I missed cheese so bad I tried diaya faux cheese. It was ok shredded on omelettes, but generally not so good. A little almond milk with breakfast cereal was good. I love lattes, but couldn't have them, so I switched to americanos with just a splash of half and half. My daughter grew out of her allergy by 5mo, so have hope; there will be cheese and ice cream in your future!

Ana S 0 likes

Vanilla almond milk or coconut milk

Yaiza M 0 likes

There is lactose free, real milk. Lactaid is one of the brands. Is delicious and you can just use it like regular milk. They have them in most supermarkets.

Spartan M 0 likes

I prefer almond milk to soy milk-- I try to stay away from soy due to it's effect on hormones. Good for you to continue to breastfeed & adjust your diet to accommodate nursing...you should be very proud of yourself. Great job, momma!

K C 0 likes

Thank you Spartan Mommy! :)

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