I practice attachment parenting. My 6-month-old son nurses himself to sleep and for naps, I hold him. During the night, he sleeps with us. If he wakes up at all, he wants to comfort nurse back to sleep, and I let him. Will he learn to sleep on his own and self soothe himself as he grows older?

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He def will

Mommy Of 2 M 0 likes

Well that's what my son doctor told a me even tho my son is alone 4.5 months I shouldn't always nurse him to sleep he is going to get into that habit and it's going to be hard on me to wing him off..

Rijvana P 0 likes

My cousin did that until 3 years old. No milk coming but he still wanted to soothe himself to sleep like that! Sucked for my aunt and she had horrible time. U should try to get him in soothing himself without nursing for sleep. Let him learn boobies is just for eating and not for sleeping.

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I honestly don't mind it tho. I was just curious on his part. I'm a sahm and plan to be until he either starts school or is openly ready for preschool. I just didn't know if it was hurting him or helping more. I know it can help him learn that I'm always here for him and he knows I won't keep him too long, so he will be more confident when he becomes independent.

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He may have abandonment issues when he gets older. My best friend has such terrible anxiety because that is how her mother raised her. But every child is different. I have to say I have never heard of that kind of child rearing leading to a (mentally) healthy young adult though. It is a habit you should try to break sooner than later.

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In my opinion it is best for whatever works for you and him! If you don't mind waking up to comfort him or to nurse then I would do it! I think most of the time it is recommended to not comfort nurse so mommies can get more sleep! But seems like you both are doing just fine!

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I also have a similar parenting style but I only let my LO nurse to eat. I let him eat and then use a pacifier and cuddle up with him. I find my nipples burn if I let him suckle to sooth. He still cuddles against my chest but uses the pacifier instead of me. Then this gives me the option to get up once he's asleep too.

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I nursed my son this same way until he was 1 yr, I had no trouble weaning him nor did he have trouble going to sleep in his own

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Also read the baby sleep book by Dr Sears family. Tons of research on benefits of co-sleeping and high touch parenting. Teaches children how to be independent and form healthy relationships

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Yea but probably Take him awhile don't expect it to happen before 2

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