I posted yesterday that my daughter is having trouble pooping but she won't drink any of the juices that will help her now what should I cut solids for a couple of days she almost 9 months

Mariah P 0 likes

Try letting her drink water, water will help soften the stool

Kathy M 0 likes

How are you giving juices? You know my son will only drink it from a cup (with assistance!) Not a sippy cup. Try Karo syrup!

Courtney V 1 like

Try 2 oz of water or 2 oz of pedialyte

Charo C 0 likes

I did sippy cup all day yesterday and no luck just gave her a bottle hopefully it helps

Kathy M 1 like

Try just a regular cup! Or a syringe

Dipti 0 likes

Try bowl

Charo C 0 likes

I keep hearing good and bad about the karo syrup makes me nervous

J B 0 likes

When my daughter is constipated I give her prunes. I boil them and then purée them. I will even add the water I used to boil them to a cup and let her drink it. Prunes, or any fruit that starts with a P works great!!!

Kathy M 0 likes

Talk to your pediatrician. ☺️A stay at home moms job is never done. Yes i take care of the house but we both understand that I am not his slave. He's still responsible for picking up after himself. I don't give sugary things like this all the time. The pediatrician explained that the sugar pulls moisture into the intestines tonmake them go.

Alice W 0 likes

Miralax is great for constipated babies. 1 tsp per bottle per day or in her water or food

Maria P 1 like

Try a nice warm bath , it might relax her enough so she will go. My little guy was like that when he was little and, as yucky as it was, he would relax enough in his baby bath and go. Worth a try anyway :) good luck !

Jen K 0 likes

Prunes! If it's too hard to make yourself Gerber sells purée prunes.

Charo C 0 likes

I will try that Maria!!

Charo C 0 likes

I need to go out and get prunes for sure

Mad C 0 likes

Try a straw! My daughter started using straws around 6 months! Prune juice! Puréed prunes help and applesauce! My daughter had been constipated for two weeks on and off. Prune juice worked wonders!

Charo C 0 likes

She actually drinks water out of her zippy cup that has a straw guess she just not interested in juice

S S 0 likes

If sweet peas don't do it for her then I recommend olive oil. I tried it with my daughter and it worked great

Nichole S 0 likes

You can add a bit of mineral oil to her water. My daughter has the same problem as an infant and we mixed juice and water or did mineral oil and water. Also increase veggies and fruits but stay away from binding fruits like apples and bananas. Good luck!

Crystal H 1 like

Don't stop giving solids. Their bodies are still adjusting to digesting something other than BM or formula. If you stop and then start again it will be exactly the same outcome. Stay away from things that constipate and give more things that will help regulate them. P foods like pears, prunes, peas, peaches. Water and blueberries can also help. If it's really bad then you'll probably need to use a qtip with some vasaline less than a cm in their bum and massage around in a circle.

Crystal H 0 likes

My LO is on whole milk now and constipated even worse than with regular food. I had to help her last night so she could get some comfort and not cry all night. You could also talk to your doctor about baby suppositories.

Charo C 0 likes

They get homemade veggies twice a day and some water after she did two pebbles so far today and drank two ounces of diluted pear juice her sister is going just fine I wish I knew what made it happen

Charo C 0 likes

Put olive oil in the food???

Jenn W 0 likes

Try a suppository. They are safe to use. Will help get out what's stuck in there. Karo syrup, the dark kind is safe to give 1/4 tsp 3 times a day. My son doesn't mind it at all. Helps soften the stools.

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