I notice mothers are not scared of having more babies in these scary times ?

Jessica D 1 like

I don't Think so. I have a few friends get pregnant Over the last 2 months.

Hi T 1 like

We are terrified. This was the year for us to try for #3 and we have decided that we are not having anymore.

Mama S 1 like

I'm not just because this pregnancy was 3 years in the making and this is what God had planned for us ❤️

Mak3 W 1 like

I'm Not. Hubby got a vasectomy Reversal Yesterday. We can start trying in 3 weeks!!!!!

JVP 1 like

i personally wouldnt have any.

Brita H 0 likes

They are calling it the “COVID19 Baby Bust” because the medical community is projecting at least 500,000 less births due to people being fearful of/unable to get pregnant during the pandemic. It’s definitely having an impact on the birth rate in the U.S. and how people feel right now. It's especially unfortunate for people relying on medical intervention for fertility issues. Here's hoping things improve soon for everyone! Positive thoughts! 💕

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