I never thought id ask about this but I need some help. I took two pregnancy Tests. When I dipped it in my urine it said it was negative but a few minutes later turned “positive”. 4 minutes later to be exact. The box said wait 3-5 minutes. I don't “ Feel” pregnant. Could this just be cheap tests? I got the good brands online and it’ll be coming in 2 days but in the meantime what do u guys think?

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I would just wait for the new ones. But how many dpo are you?

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I always just walked away and waited the recommended Time to come back and see the results. What the of test did you use? I always recommend pink dye test as they're more accurate thank blue dye test and with digital they read best with higher HCG levels. I've used, first response and dollar tree test and both were accurate for me

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I've Used cheap and pricey ones. They either are positive Or negative As long as read within the window given. Sounds like you'll Definitely Want to test again.

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