I need your advices mommas , so I went to JC penney yesterday to get some dress up shoes for my boys , they were a lil pricy so the lady told me if J apply for the credit card I would get a huge discount so I gave it a try thinking my credit is not that good I wont get approved but to my surprise I did and I dont want to have it I want to cancell and I havent told my husband he will be so mad since hes the only one working

IUIBlessing2018 T 4 likes

Canceling it will actually make your credit worse. I would just make tiny purchases every once in awhile and pay it off immediately.

Mel Marie 2 likes

Since you Have it, just Build your credit. Buy small things and pay it off in full every month. If the balance is at 0, no need to cancel it. Careful with the high Intrest. (Why i said pay in full)

Kristin B 3 likes

Don't Close it. Just keep it and payoff like other said. This will help your credit

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