I need to vent. My 11wks old twins are super colicky; nights are a torture for us! So naturally during the day I just want them to sleep! Does it make me a bad mom for not playing with them as much as I should?? I'm so exhausted, I exclusively pump and sometimes have to go 7 hours between pumping sessions! I just feel that all I do is feed and change them and too tired to do anything else. Sometimes I have to let them cry in order to pump. I just feel like such a bad mother!

Kadi L 0 likes

You are doing a great job!! Being a mother is so hard. They are so young and require so much attention and help... This will pass and before you know it you will miss the baby stage. I know it's hard but try not to let it get you down. Is there someone that could watch them for you for an hour so you can take a nap?

Mimi A 0 likes

That happened with my girl she cried constantly! I tried the gas tablets, gripe water, nothing helped then I put switched to anti colic formula from breast milk, try soy formula or nutramegen because they may have a milk allergy I'm guessing.. :) Good luck!

Julie A 2 likes

Well it sounds like ur very overwhelmed. I'm a stay at home mom of 4 so I can relate. I eat, sleep and breath kids! Newborns are exhausting, I can't imagine 2 at the same time, but even with 1 u feel like all u do is pump, feed, change diapers, clothes and so on. There's no time for u and u rarely get to scarf down a good meal let alone a nice shower. We all feel like a bad mom sometimes, but that's normal. You'll develop a routine and once u get into a groove you'll start feeling much better.

Fergie B 1 like

Don't feel like a bad mother your babies will be okay, you are already doing more than most mothers for them by giving them breast milk. Do you have support from your family is someone helping you with feedings/ diaper changes? I could not imagine how exhausting two babies would be. When I am up in the middle if the night feeding my LO I go on my phone, my mom tells me it's hurting his development and that I should look at him and talk to him. But I can't I will fall asleep!

Julie A 0 likes

As for the colic, are u only breast feeding or are u giving formula as well?

Shayna N 1 like

They are only 11 wks old, how much can you really play with them? You are doing great!! I had a colicky baby, and I couldn't imagine it 2x. The best thing you can do for your babies and yourself is rest when you can so that you are in the right mind set to take care of them!!!

Julie A 0 likes

My milk dried up fast within 7 weeks no matter what I ate and how much I pumped. Breast milk is always the best, but if u do need formula I highly recommend Enfamil Gentlease. Great for babies with tummy pain and lots of gas. Worked great for my son.

Anna D 0 likes

I do supplement with formula sometimes, but it's mostly BM diet. Sensitive formulas never worked for them, they become even more cranky on it. They do fine on Enfamil Premium

Crystal H 1 like

You are not a bad mom, you are superwoman! Twins with colic and you're pumping! I don't think I could do it! I'd have pre-made bottles ready for the whole day. You are doing the best you can do and that's all you can do. Know that it seems like this will last forever but it's actually just a short time of time of your parenting journey. It WILL get easier! God bless you and strengthen you and send people to help you! I will be praying for you.

Anna D 0 likes

Thank u for all the positive comments.

Heather S 1 like

I'm usually home alone with my twins, they are 7 wks. We had issues with one of our girls, she was always fussy, always the first to start crying. Then she gets the other one going, it's exhausting and it seems never ending. We switched our fussy daughter to soy, I still BF but I supplement one with soy the other with regular formula. I use gripe water on occasion when they are gassy or have upset stomachs. I've noticed a positive change in both the girls. We have a routine.

Heather S 2 likes

Feed them well in the morning, change them, get them comfortable, they will take a really nice nap! If they like to stay up for awhile just let them hang out with you. My girls love the boppy loungers and their rocker. If you have a swing that should work too. This is pretty much my routine throughout the day. It works and the girls are happy. Try to keep them on the same schedule, they may just be needing more milk from you.

Eileen C 1 like

God bless you mama! I don't have twins but I know that the firsts couple months can be so hard. Your not a bad mom! Taking good care of yourself is a number one priority bc of your out of it your no good for them. Good luck

Erin S 1 like

Have you tried BioGaia? It's a probiotic supplement to give the baby helps with colic works way better than gripe water

Heather P 0 likes

I don't think it's anything to worry about. my son slept in his until 6 months when he was big enough to climb out and then he transitioned to a crib fine. I got one of those mattress wedges bc I think he liked sleeping slightly tilted up.

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