I need some help mamas ! My son is just 3 days old and I am now home while in hosp he was drinking Breast milk Now that I'm home te is hungrier and I dnt think my milk supply came fully in . I feed him 20 min on each breast n he still was hungry and was crying because he was frustrated . I ended up giving him a lil formula n he just drank a lil and passed out . Any tips on how to try n get more milk or do u moms think he will not like my breast milk anymore because I have him formula

Saleen L 1 like

Try fernugreek, or oatmeal, that helped me a lot and drink lots of water. But try the oatmeal first

Emma S 3 likes

Babies go through one growth spurt after another. I know it's difficult, but keep him on the boob whenever he's hungry. That's the best way to increase your supply as well. My boy always preferred breastmilk to formula. We had to supplement for a week or so as well. Hang in there momma, others so much easier and better. You can also take fenugreek tablets to increase supply and keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water.

Sophie A 1 like

Thanks Saleen&Emma !!

Crystal P 1 like

Definitely fenugreek and also make sure your pumping for 15 min at least every 2 hours.

Heather C 2 likes

He will definitely still take your milk. We supplemented my son and I still nursed him till 14 months. Give it a few days and your milk should come in.

Elizabeth W 3 likes

Supply and demand mamma , the more you nurse the more you'll make for LO ... Also I've never timed either LOs while nursing I always looked for the signs that they were ready for the other side and normally when they were all done they just turned to the side and popped off lol I hope this helps a little bit good luck mamma

Serenitys M 1 like

Breastfeed first and then supplement with formula, you will eventually establish your milk supply.. When you supplement just keep track of how much formula he is leaving, eventually your breastmilk will establish and he will not want to supplement cuz he is full. It will take about 3 weeks.. And as soon as he starts crying latch him on because that helps stimulate the breast to make more milk and establish.. Dont give up and eat lots of oatmeal and wheat bread

Kellie N 0 likes

My daughter had both! But for your milk to come in faster drink a lot of water, also I heard oatmeal cookies help!! Lots of meats Also!!

Serenitys M 1 like

Dont give up and eat lots of oatmeal and wheat bread. I never pumped either i just kept latching my baby on.. I heard pumping is not good until you are established and ready to do ur milk bank

Kaelea R 0 likes

Take a hot shower and rub your boobs

Serenitys M 1 like

Another thing that helps is to nurse your baby in bed with you and do skin to skin bonding.a lot of people do this and its great for your baby!

Peyton's M 0 likes

Besides what everyone else has said you can try pumping after a feeding or when LO is sleeping so your body thinks the demand is higher than it is

FT M 0 likes

We had the exact same thing happen, we supplemented our LO until my milk came in and it took about 2 weeks. But just keep offering the breast but if LO is still hungry supplement with formula.

Emma S 0 likes

Oh, and I know it how it feels and you're thinking that there's no way that he could be hungry after being on the boob for ages. I still remember nursing him and him being hungry within an hour and staying on the boob for 45 more mins. He finally fell asleep and i was like yes! He woke up in 20 mins demanding more 😳😳 You'll be happy to know that he soon began eating for only 10-20 mins and sleeping well. Hang in there. Gets wayyyy easier 😊

Leah P 1 like

Keep latching your little one as much as possible, that will increase your supply, also before feeding have a couple water or better yet cup of hot tea. If you are not allergic to walnuts eat them, they helps with milk supplies.

Leah P 1 like

And speaking of allergies, I have heard, I don't know if it's medically proven, but the things you eat while breast-feeding, child will build immunity to that products, and will less likely have allergies.

Emy G 1 like

If say like Elizabeth. It has to adjust at the beginning. Let yourself a few days but keep BF. You will produce what baby needs. Eat good and drink water.

Emily G 1 like

Also at three days it is quite possible you are still developing milk supply. I think the first 72 hrs you are getting colosstrum. And then milk starts to come in. Just feed on demand. Remember his stomach isn't really big yet. So don't over feed.

Tiku P 0 likes

I had the same situation,all i did is pumping after all feeding , fenugreek, nursing as much as i can.

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