I need help mommies. I need quick and easy supper ideas. (Cheap as well) I'm so sick of the same meals. Any suggestions? Btw my husband is allergic to shellfish

Ashley L 0 likes

What kind of stuff do you usually cook?

Coryn P 2 likes

One that I do a lot is a type of chicken Alfredo. I just chop up two or three chicken breasts and pan fry them in olive oil and seasoning, boil noodles, and dump a jar of Alfredo sauce in the chicken when it's done cooking. Then I just add the noodles when they're done. Takes as long as it takes to boil noodles and it's yummy! Plus there are different flavors of Alfredo sauce. I sometimes add tomatoes or bell peppers in w/ the chicken.

Tanissa I 0 likes

Try "hot dish" it's ground beef, corn, noodles, and tomato soup. Mix all together and heat up and enjoy!! I usually use 1.5#s of hamburger, 2 cans of whole kernel corn, 3/4 box of elbow noodles, and 3-4 small cans of tomato soup (until it looks well mixed and juicy but not soupy)

Benjamin 7 2 likes

Crockpot meals! Check out Pinterest!

Ashley B 1 like

I love crockpot meals. I looked on pinterest but some of the stuff is insane! Thanks guys! Seems crockpot meals are the only thing I have time to fix. I have a very jealous 4m old

Sarah B 1 like

Get a rotissery chicken (pre-made) in the deli then shred the meat for salad or quesadillas.

Taryn C 1 like

I always bake chicken stuffed with different cheeses and mushrooms. I make sausage and peppers onions with a little tomato paste and white wine over rice. Chicken stir fried with veggies steak also. Chicken with coconut milk and garam Marsala tomatoes a little sugar and chili powder. All healthy and easy

A E 0 likes

My family and I are big on roasts! Whether it be a whole chicken, pork or beef! I throw it in a big roasting pan, then add carrots, potatoes and onions along the way. All that's left to do is gravy. Very little time and tastes delicious! Plus we always have leftovers which is either used for lunches or other dinners later in the week.

Meagan W 0 likes

I'm in college and work full time as well as take care of my baby. So when I need to cook for hubby and I it needs to be quick and cheap. I generally buy the ready bags of things from target. Like the chili's chicken Alfredo or p.f. Changes teriyaki chicken and rice or tgi Fridays popcorn chicken with fries or onion rings.

Erializ P 0 likes

Eggplant parm.

Shannon M 0 likes

You can do hamburger helper meals. 1 lb of ground beef and then the mix. It comes in a box. I like them.

S P 1 like

My hubby is also allergic to shellfish. I don't eat it around him and man I miss it sometimes!! Anyway, I do easy meals like Mac and cheese or ziti or just pasta. Just buy elbow macaroni or ziti noodles, boil them, throw some cheese (& sauce for ziti) & bake! I also stick to a lot of soups or salads because it's ready to go. Just heat! My 3 mo doesn't let me put him down! It has to be easy! Also hot dogs and scrambled eggs or potatoes. Veggies and rice. Easy quick stuff!

Wendy B 0 likes

Sweet potato fries, broccoli, chicken, meatballs, soup, grilled cheese

Mrs B 0 likes

Our FAV crockpot meal: 1.5 lb boneless chicken breasts 1 can black beans drained 1 pkg frozen corn or 1 drained can 1 16oz jar salsa 1 Tbsp chili powder ½ Tbsp cumin ½ Tbsp minced garlic 1/2 tsp dried oregano 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper Black pepper to taste 2c uncooked rice - throw everything in crockpot besides rice for 8hrs on low or 4hrs on high. When done shred chicken w. forks - in meantime cook rice according to directions - serve over rice; optional top w. cheddar or sour cream

Keli S 0 likes

Curry chicken, jerk chicken, pepper steak,

Marianne M 1 like

I do a really easy orzo skillet. Cook the orzo while you brown your meat of choice - beef, chicken, kielbasa, (and I just started using those chicken sausage). Anything you like. Drain orzo and meat, then combine. While hot, throw in a few handfuls of fresh spinach. Add your favorite seasonings and a drizzle of olive oil and stir.

Megan M 0 likes

Have you looked on Pinterest?! Tons of easy cheap meal ideas!

BabyRellO's M 0 likes

Sometimes I'll buy the Hormel Pot Roast meals (ready in 4 minutes) and cook steam rice or the mash potatoes (located in the same area) along with corn and ..... Bam! Done in 5 minutes

Vickie D 0 likes

You could do a Taco Bake! I just made it tonight and it is delicious :) Pinterest is where it's at!!!

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