I need help finding energy and motivation to work out. I need to get in shape but I'm so exhausted. I work full time, am a full time student, and I'm raising my LO. How do you mothers who work out do it?

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I have to take like hydroxycut or drink crystal light with caffeine in it to wake up and feel like I have enough energy. Hydroxycut is my choice because when I take it then I feel like I have to get a work out in. It's kind of like my excuse to get moving. It's tough, but I found some YouTube videos that I utilize if I can't make it to the gym, I just invested in a used stationary bike. I like it a lot. I can get a quick ride in while dinner is in the oven or when kids are gettin ready forschool

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I find if I don't go right in the morning I won't go! Try to go before work!

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I do it at home :) YouTube has unlimited workout videos and I go on walks.

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Waking up early before the kids is the only way but I'm not a morning person so it's going to be hard for me to get into a routine

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I do it at home too. Im doing thE FOCUS T25 which is only a 25 minute workout but yeah, online you can find many workouts for every day. Ones you start you will feel more energy and will start seeing results that will give you such a great motivation!!! Good luck! 😊✌️

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Try doing a circuit catered to your physical needs right before getting in the shower. 15 min of consistent hard work is great than 1hr of low impact work. It will challenge your body.

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Wow that's a lot! I Haven't worked out since I was prego and my LO is 9 month. What I do is squat and lunge around the house. Push ups while I play on the floor with LO. I have ankle weights I use to butt lifts etc.

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I do Zumba! It's fun but a work out at the same time!! It really works too!

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I second the Beach Body T25 workout. It's fantastic cardio for only 25 min/day (or for me a couple times a week). ;)

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Nap time means work out time for me, no procrastination! As soon as he is out, work out clothes are on! I watch the monitor, and I exercise the whole time he is asleep. I never know when he will wake up, so I kick it into high gear to make the most of my time.

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