I need help. Baby is 2 days old and won't latch on. I'm afraid he won't get enough to eat. I have some milk pumped, should I try to give him that.?

Momma O 3 likes

Maybe try a nipple shield at first.

Mommy To T 0 likes

That's what I've been using.

Kori C 1 like

Keep trying your baby will get just have patience. Maybe put a few drops on your baby's mouth to get him to suck.

Robin W 2 likes

Does the baby has a twinge tie or lip tie? That can cause baby to not be able to latch

Mommy To T 0 likes

I've tried that too. It's just he's going to long in between feedings.

Renee 1 like

Keep trying I gave up and decided to just pump instead he's 2 weeks and still doesn't want to latch on he doesn't like my nipples lol

Cassandra K 1 like

All you can do is try. Maybe get some formula to supplement with. I only pump so I use formula to fill in with since I don't seem to pump a ton of milk.

Mommy 2 Tx2 B 2 likes

Just keep trying but if you're really worried to to feed baby with a syringe.

Mommy To T 0 likes

@robin no they checked for that too because of him not latching.

Mommy To T 1 like

@new mommy b I didn't even think of that. I think I'll try that to at least get him to eat something.

Mrs. M 2 likes

Try putting some breastmilk or sugar water on your nipple, that's what the lactation consultant did for me at the hospital. Also try the foot ball position while breastfeeding.

Sandy A 1 like

Keep pumping, and give baby whatever you pump. It most likely is colostrum which is liquid gold. Consult with the nurses and lactation consults of your concerns too. You might have yo supplement with formula to top lo off. Baby should be feeding every 1.5-2 hours. If they don't eat enough after birth or get enough liquids jaundice could occur.. Continue skin on skin routine and help lo latch on.. Takes practice sometime don't give up.

JVP 1 like

My kiddo fought for 3 days and cried a lot until finally at he'd on! He'd lath on drink and let go. Patience helps(:

Tiffany F 1 like

Have you been going to a lactation consultant? I had to go to mine once a week for 2 months before LO finally got it down!

R S 1 like

Talk to your lactation consultant but if you use a bottle it will make the problem worst and baby may not nurse I had the same with my 2, it took days almost 3 weeks of hard frustrating work but we made it. My consultant would make me pour some expressed milk or formula over my breast (nipple) and have the bb latch right away, repeat and repeat, it worked

R S 1 like

Bottles have "good nipples" and baby can control the flow making it cone easy, if you use one she may not want to take your breast, she also told me that if you pump then your breast will not be as full for bb making it very frustrating for her to nurse since she will have to try harder Don't give up and like I said don't use a bottle

Jes S 1 like

Continue to try latching but if he won't latch on give him the pumped milk. It could take a while for him to learn to latch

Mommy To T 0 likes

Luckily I got him to latch. Thanks for all your advice though, I'll keep it in mind for next time. ☺️❤️

D G 1 like

Try not to use formula. It can mess with your supply. I suggest getting in touch with a lactation consultant. If your on wic they have people to help. Or look for a la leche league in your area

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