I need an answer ! Plzzzz My 6 week old is colicky every night starting at 8. He cries for an hour min. Also, in the morning at 6 am he starts to fuss and pass gas for an hour. I can see he's still so tired but can't settle. He's been doing this everyday and night for two weeks now. What is it?? Oh I bf him

Isabella's Momma 1 like

Try cutting dairy out of ur diet or as much as u can!

Cassie B 1 like

Things you're eating could upset his tummy. Cut down on dairy and spicy foods and see if it works. I hope things get better!

Danie M 2 likes

Google breast feeding colic diet

Sarah * 1 like

Google list of foods that make baby fussy if breast feeding and see if there are any you are eating a lot of. Also rub tummy in a counter clock wise motion helps great with gas!! And no one ever believes me until they try it but when ever my daughters is super fussy I run the vacuum and it calms her right down. It also worked with my son and some of my friends kids

Jessica F 1 like

My son would get super fussy and gassy just around bedtime so every night I would give him some grype water before his last feeding, and sometimes in the middle of the night too. Worked like a charm!

B T 1 like

8 seems late to be awake at 6 weeks. Try a 7:00 bedtime

B T 0 likes

My 8 month old goes to sleep at 7:00-7:30

Evelyn J 1 like

if it happens in the morning too it's not true colic. colic has no real underline issue babies just cry for hours and days and weeks early evening. hopefully it's something you're eating and you can easily cut out.

Faith S 1 like

I would definitely look into what you're eating. Something could easily be upsetting his belly. Also, if you haven't already, try mommys bliss gripe water. My son used to have gassy crying time every night for 3 or 4 hours and we would burp and bicycle and whatever we thought of but nothing worked. My sitter at the time recommended gripe water and it helped so much! He would burp and laugh. Mommys bliss is organic ginger root and fennel but there are other brands as well. I haven't tried them.

J Z 1 like

Check your letdown, he might be getting too much foremilk, causing extra gas. My LO did the exact same thing around the same time and that was the cause

Shayne W 1 like

My children would get fussy too. It had to do with what I was eating! Google food you should and should not eat while breastfeeding. I heard gripe water helps. I used to take my child's legs and bend their knees to their chest and then pull their legs straight out and then bend the knees again. Repeat until they are calmer. This pumping motion helps them to pass gas or poop.

Amanda M 1 like

I would give gas drops to see if it helps. Also try keeping a food diary of what you eat and see if there is something that is causing this. A lot of mom's don't realize that what they eat does go to the baby in their bm. So I would try to cut out anything that normally causes gas such as beans. If that doesn't settle it then try to cut out dairy and slowly try to work out what's going on. This sounds like your LO is sensitive to something your eating. Good luck!

Miranda☀️ 1 like

My son did the same thing at 6 weeks! He likes baths so around his "cranky time" Or before I would give him a bath, swaddle, and then feed him... In bed by 8 and sleeps till 7:30am. I guess he was just ready to be on a schedule. I've been doing this every night since and he's a different baby. He's almost 3 months now

Monique R 1 like

Belly massage with a little oil Bicycling legs Gas drops Cut out dairy, spicy food, greasy food Also, for my lo it also peaked at week 7, now at 11 weeks things are a lot better!!

Renee S 1 like

I cut dairy out of my diet and I'm convinced it helped!!! I also used Gerber colic drops and lil remedies gas drops and it worked wonders!!!!

B T 1 like

Also, when my lo use to be fussy at night that was when we would put him in the bath tub. It always got him out of his funk

Faith S 0 likes

Kj Z could be right. I had overproduction and that was the main cause of my sons gas issues and crankiness. Signs they told me to look for were explosive poops, baby always seems to be hungry, sometimes fussy during or after feedings, fizzy or bubbly poops, greenish poop, sometimes red(blood) spots in the diaper. A lactation consultant at your hospital could help you figure it out. I dont know if they all are but our hospitals is free to meet with.

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