I need advice my 5 month old will not go to sleep unless he's laying on me or attached to me I am so sleep deprived I am having trouble functioning through the day he's not a big fan of the pacifier but I need help and sleep and tips and advice would be extremely helpful

Natalie D 1 like

Do you breastfeed?

Taylor S 1 like

Have you tried swaddling?? My daughter is the same way and tonight the genius idea came across me to swaddle her and it worked!

Jenna L 3 likes

Swaddling. Or have you tried to get her to fall asleep in a swing? The swing saved me and let me get some sleep. And eventually we got her sleeping in her crib without problems

Amanda H 0 likes

Yes I breastfeed and yes I have a swing he's good about getting into it but lately just wants me

Amanda H 0 likes

I've tried swaddling when he was really little but haven't tried it with him being bigger i will have to try it

Kim J 2 likes

Try using white noise or some sort of sounds. You can download sleep sound apps on your phone. Helps so much!!

Tania T 1 like

Take the shirt you are wearing and lay it with him or wet a wash cloth with with your breast milk and lay that with him. He will smell your scent and think he's laying on you.

Desiree Z 3 likes

Try sleeping with the sheet from the crib or co sleeper for a few nights. Do you have the baby in a co sleeper or a crib?

Ciara B 0 likes

Do u have a swing? Lifesaver!

Amanda H 0 likes

I have him in a crib

Jodi T 1 like

Swaddling is great. Also day time naps let him south himself to sleep. Slowly over time he will get used to it for night time.

Shelby P 1 like

I'm having the same problem. In fact I'm sitting here now with my hand on him. He wasn't like this until I went back to school full time. Just my luck.

Natalie D 1 like

Mine is 5 months and I would suggest getting baby to sleep holding or rocking, or even lay baby down in the crib and rock him with your hands holding his hands or rubbing his back to let him know you're there, hum to him etc just ways to let him know you're there and use an app on your phone for background noises like vacuum, thunderstorm etc it really helps

Andrea Z 1 like

They have some teddy bears that heat up in the microwave! I have one and when I would but my baby in the crib I would heat it up just a bit put it next to her while she was swaddled and that helped a lot. It made it seem like I was laying next to her.

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