I need advice for ways for us all to stop screaming at each other and find better discipline methods so that my kids actually listen to me

Chely M 1 like

I joined peaceful parenting on Facebook. I not always agree with what they have To say but thy have some awesome ideas :)

Chely M 0 likes

I've learned a lot from the parents in that group! šŸ‘

NiraH 1 like

Talk to them nicely that worked with my nephew

Lisa F 2 likes

Great! Thanx! Ill look into that club and I have tried sitting them Dow and explaining to them in a sensible man. They just over look what I say as if I'm a joke.

Tia K 0 likes

Consistency works!! Just keep talking. Also a reward system may work too.

Kingsley V 0 likes

Yoga. If you could find a local studio? Or even a good DVD and some quite time to yourself. Yoga is what saved my life... Helps me stay in a peace space and taught me the power of the breath.

Lisa F 0 likes

Thank you all for your help

Megan V 0 likes

I love the advice that Janet Lansbury (RIE parenting) gives on Facebook. Check her out!

Kristan S 0 likes

A reward system might help. It will help you praise and reinforce the behaviors that you want to see.

Samantha O 0 likes

How old are they

Samantha O 0 likes

I've always talked to them and asked them what the right way is to do what they did or what they should have done instead - for ex if she throws a tantrum because I wouldn't let her stay up late to finish a movie I ask what she should have done instead and she used to say idk and I would tell her you could have asked mommy to record it we could have watched in the morning or you could have asked nicely and I might have let you - that way it helps them understand what the other options are

Samantha O 0 likes

but we have also done a chore list with a point system like if you unload the dishwasher you get 5 points to stay up later you have to use 10 points if she does her chores for a week she ends up with like 50 points she can use them on whatever she likes and she can prioritize what she wants to us them for either a toy when we go to the store or staying up later etc

Danielle B 0 likes

For sure a reward system and choices always have 2 choices that u want but they think they are in charge so will pick which one I worked with children with difficulty and it went over well with them just make it simple

Lisa F 0 likes

@ Samantha they are 12 & 13 for my two and then my granddaughter that stays with me is 7

Lisa F 0 likes

I tried a chore list and I've done rewarding them with penny's nickels and dimes but my son took it for a joke while the girls made dollars.

Lisa F 0 likes

It didn't hold cause the kids gave up so then I told them that from there on out only whom volunteer get money.

Samantha O 0 likes

I would for the older ones set up a chore chart instead of money do a point system and it could work instead of grounding from a toy they would need to get 16 points to get that toy back or as a reward system 20 points to stay up and hour late etc

Samantha O 0 likes

The point system works amazing on my little brother - he lives with me - Dishwasher 20 PTs Trash 30 PTs Recycling 30pts Picking up his room 100 PTs For a pizza with two friends night he needs 100 PTs he can either spend his points as soon as he wants or save them I can email you his full list but that's just a short ex of his When he gets in trouble he needs 2000 points to get ungrounded He has the option of getting 2000 points within three days if he does everything on the list

Samantha O 0 likes

They vary from cleaning out my car Vacccuming He gets 5 PTs for every homework assignment he finished and 50 PTs for every A he brings home along with 25 bucks into a piggy bank Brushing the dog Folding laundry Sorting laundry I mean you can customize it to whatever

Samantha O 0 likes

We don't do cash because we what him to learn to work for it all and I feel like cash when your that young just goes out the window we keep all his money in his piggy bank and once a month we offer to take him to go spend it he normally says no so he's got quite a bit saved up

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