I may sound like a crazy women but I am always feeling little flutters, or movement in my stomach. My daughter is 19 months now & I am positive I am not pregnant again. It's been happening for about a year now! I researched & found out they were called "phantom kicks". Anyone else have this happen or know anything about it?

Lexi M 0 likes

I have this happen all the time!! I'm so glad there's a name to it!

Lizzy L 0 likes

I thought I was just crazy! I always tell my SO to put his hand on my stomach and try to feel it.. He tells me I'm imagining it. Lol nooooo

An N 0 likes

I feel it too. I actually think it's gas now. Haha. Slower bowels pp

Lizzy L 2 likes

Lol the things our bodies do after they carry children.. So glad I'm not the only one! This app is the best, so glad I found it πŸ˜…

Brenda C 1 like

I started having it yesterday I even started freaking out thinking i was pregnant again even tho im 100% positive im not! Glad you posted this, you just gave my mind some rest

Jennifer J 0 likes

I experience this all the time. Just assume it's gas, cuz there's no way I'm pregnant. Lol but, it feels so much like a baby kicking, it's crazy.

Lizzy L 0 likes

I've been told gas too.. But phantom kicks sounded better to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Danielle R 0 likes

All the time! Thought I was losing my mind! Lol

Jessica V 1 like

Yes! I thought I was crazy!

Erika M 0 likes

Yes ! I thought i was crazy to !! It felt weird i almost scared something was in there πŸ˜‚

Jamie C 0 likes

Yep me too

megan m 0 likes

yep, it's totally a real thing! it's crazy what our bodies can do :)

Rocio M 0 likes

Yeap.... I get them...

Amber R 0 likes

Wow! Glad I read this. My lo is almost 6 months(first child) and as much as I want another one, I want to enjoy him. I get so scared but happy at the same time when I feel this lol

Lizzy L 1 like

Exactly my feeling!

Wendy 0 likes

It must be normal, because I feel them too

Samantha H 0 likes

It happened to me for about 3 months after giving birth. I don't feel it anymore though

Kelsey F 0 likes

Yep I have had this too! Crazy what our bodies do!

Laura L 0 likes

I thought it was just gas but it feels just like the baby did!

April V 0 likes

I have them too! So I not going crazy! Thank goodness!

Perfectly M 0 likes

Weird but I thought this was happening. I found it was my mind playing tricks because I desperately missed those kicks, and also my stomach ACTUALLY MOVES!!! When I'm digesting. Lol weird huh? 😁 but it went away after the first few weeks.

Niveen W 1 like

Yep... I could actually record my belly kicking on video, it was so obvious!! I was so freaked out.. It wasn't just flutters it was like I'm 8 months pregnant!! It did all the things babies do in your belly, kicks on the right and left side , waves fast kicks slow kicks.. It was really freaky , I mean I still want more babies just now right now!!!

Spartan M 0 likes

I've had it happen occasionally...makes me kind of sad & nostalgic when it happens.

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