I make my own baby food for my 7mo DS. Organic produce so far sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, pears. Everything seems to constipate him a little. He will get painful gas bubbles. Thankfully we have a routine to get rid of them! Do you moms think he might digest jar baby food better?

JVP 3 likes

NO! Add camomile into babies diet. (: jarred food is full of so much things!

Amanda K 2 likes

Or add prunes😀

Amy T 1 like

@ Jessica, yeah my daughters five months going on six and I was wondering if I should just make my own instead of giving her baby food from the jars you get at the store. But idk how to make my own baby food and what food should I start with this being my first time actually making my own baby food.

Mel Marie 1 like

Mine son was constipated too. It gets better. I had to give my Ds food every other day and prunes until it got better.

,....... . 1 like

Try giving a little bit of water with his food to avoid constipation

Jessica D 1 like

My son is going through that too, we added prune nectar (welches makes it) diluted 1oz water to 1oz nectar, every day. If it gets really bad we actually got a prescription for a light laxative for him.

Zen B 1 like

Banana makes baby constipation

Amanda H 1 like

I think sticking to making it on your own will be best!! I know that bananas can constipate. Sweet potatoes are really good to help balance out the digestive system. Pears should have the opposite effect! I usually give my son prunes or pears (pear juice) when he's constipated. & I give him sips of water which helps too. Usually when his body is adjusting to new foods he gets a little constipated.

Danie M 2 likes

@amy, it's super easy, I was shocked at how simple it was.. Go on Pinterest or buy the book "baby and toddler meals for dummies"

JVP 2 likes

@amy! Simple! You can boil vegetables and then just purée them. I tend to add water to make them watery sometimes! And it's kinda fun mixing and making new flavors! The only thing I do buy is apple sauce with no sugar! You can make big batches and freeze!

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

Bananas are big constipation culprit. My pedi said homemade food is better because you retain more of the fiber in fruits and veggies than the jar/pouch foods.

Holly R 2 likes

A great food for babies is homemade bone broth. It's a great liquid to use to thin out baby food because of the gelatin within the bones which makes the foods you serve it with more digestible. It is very healing to the digestive track & super nutritious. If you're interested in making your own baby food, I would HIGHLY recommend the book Super Nutrition for Babies. It includes recipes & very wise feeding advice ie: which foods commonly fed to babies in the US are toxic & void of nutrition.

Holly R 2 likes

Also, any naturally fermented foods like varieties of pickles, sauerkraut, cabbage, kefir, etc. are full of probiotics & help with digestive discomfort, especially constipation. The book I mentioned even gives instructions on fermenting your own baby food using whey made either from your own breastmilk or with whey made from dairy products! It's pretty neat. Also, a lot of people don't realize that babies need salt for proper digestion. Just make sure it's unrefined; I use Himalayan pink salt.

Missy O 1 like

Thank you all so much!! I quit the bananas. Pears seem to help but don't want to only give pears! I found a bag of organic dried prunes. Can I just purée them or should I boil/steam first?

Cassandra D 1 like

Nope !!! Jarred baby food is really unhealthy, it contains added pesticides and preservatives that can trigger kidney failure, liver disease and other problems. You put real food in a container and see if it will last the expired date on one of those jarred baby foods ? ... I've done it; I've researched.. I've taken chemistry and biology for nursing.

Cassandra D 1 like

I used the baby bullet and just put whatever I made for dinner in that. Blended it up and there ya go, rice, chicken and veggies one meal. Steak, potatoes and corn the next. Lunch I would blend up fruits and veggies together.

Holly R 1 like

You should stew the prunes first. Glad you're willing to put in the effort for your LO! 😊

Missy O 0 likes

Thank you!

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