I know this May sound bad but I wish my daughter could watch tv for maybe 20 minutes! Just so I could go to the bathroom or wash the dishes. She will watch the intro to a show and be excited and that's it. If someone is playing with her or she is by herself she is screaming. What show can your LO watch? She's 9 months. We've tried almost every show 😩

Jasmine P 0 likes

The Sprout Channel Keeps My LO Quiet

Katie R 0 likes

My lo loves my little pony

Heather 0 likes

Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Special agent oso,octonauts. Pretty much anything on Disney jr my 15 month old watches. She was playing and watching Mickey yesterday and I was washing dishes and heard her cracking up and went in there and something on the show was making her laugh

A S 0 likes

Awh that sucks! I'm so glad my LO is independent he loves bubble guppies & yo gabba gabba. His favorite movie is Gnomeo & Juliet colourful & musical. Anything with music keeps him entertained! He's also 9 months almost 10 now! Good luck!!

Julia Z 0 likes

Exersaucer, or toys in his crib/playpen keep my LO entertained for about 20min while I work. Also, I set him in the highchair while I do dishes. He has fun playing with toys and watching me work.

ProudMommy w 0 likes

the sprout channel keep my LO quiet they got really cool shows there

Mommy O 1 like

She is just active. Try like a jumper, or set her in a high chair with a few toys or snacks. Sorry momma she is just active give her something that will keep her busy when you are.

Coryn P 1 like

BabyFirst is what my LO loves. The shows are only about 5 min long so it keeps her attention.

Al S 0 likes

On dish network there is a channel called the baby channel. It's number 823 I believe. My son used to watch it a lot when he was younger. Now that he is walking he doesn't watch tv at all. No matter what show is on.

kristina t 0 likes

My daughter loves the movie Frozen. she will sit and watch almost the whole movie. Try anything with lots of singing.

Ronnie R 0 likes

My sons loves the ones we were raised on, PB&J Otter, Bear in the Big Blue House, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or the Book of Pooh. Mainly because those shows have a lot of songs and dancing to hold their attention

Caitlin V 0 likes

9 months is a little early to be interested in tv. Honestly, they just kind of have to get used to playing by them self from time to time. Just ride out the fit until then.

L F 0 likes

PBSKids. My LO loves Sesame Street & Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Katelyn J 1 like

Bubble guppies and octonauts! Both in treehouse on demand. Those are her two faves but I put her in her exersaucer, so if she loses interest she can at least occupy herself for a few minutes.

Anitra M 0 likes

Baby Einstein is my sons favorite. But he also likes despicable me 2 and frozen.

K W 0 likes

Emma's the same way. She loves backyardigans. Screams and dances when the intro starts. And then doesn't want to watch it anymore.

Laura C 0 likes

Mickey Mouse clubhouse and the Tinkerbell movies on Netflix. My LO is 14 months old, she won't watch the whole tinkerbell movie but she gets into it long enough for me to get some stuff done around the house

Christie M 0 likes

Tv is fine to be honest my daughter watches a lot of tv now since I just gave birth and I'm to exhausted to do anything with her. She likes super why, my little pony, and strawberry short cake. We watch a lot of kid shows on Netflix

Lainie T 0 likes

I still can't get my lo to sit down and watch tv for more than a few minutes she's 18 months old and has a very short attention span lol

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