I know I've posted about this a few times, but I am just so stressed and sad for my LO. He's 2 months, fed expressed breastmilk bc I am back to work. He is the gassiest baby ever! You can hear his tummy gurgling, he wakes himself up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and gas, but during the day it isn't as bad. I eat such a bland diet, I don't know what else to do. We're both not sleeping and it breaks my heart when he wakes up screaming! Could there be something wrong with my milk?

Melissa G 1 like

I've tried everything from gripe water to tummy calm to regular gas drops to bicycle legs etc. help!

Tulip H 1 like

Have you cut out dairy soy n eggs from your diet?

Melissa G 1 like

Almost completely. Maybe a little cheese on my salad or a splash of cream in my one small coffee, but nothing crazy.

Katie V 1 like

What kind of bottles do you use?

Melissa G 1 like

Now were using the dr browns bottles. We has the tommee tippie ones but that was even worse. My LO would never burp and spit up so much!

Marianne M 1 like

You can talk to your pedi and they can help. My sister was nursing and my nephew would spit it all back up. The doc helped to identify that he had an allergy to the milk proteins. She changed her diet and magic! Id cut out ALL dairy, but they might be able to help you find other possible triggers. And (my new mantra) a little probiotic goes a long way!

Melissa G 2 likes

We go Monday for his two month appt so I'm going to talk to them. He gets probiotics daily which has definitely helped, but in the middle of the night, he's a different kid!

Baby Girl 1 like

Have you cut out tomato sauce? I kept a log in the beginning of what it was I was eating that was hurting my LO, turns out it was tomato sauce and the Enfamil vitamin D drops I was told to give her by my pedi. I switched the vitamin d to carlsons and stopped sauce and all her stomach issues went away. Hope this helps

Melissa G 1 like

I haven't cut out tomato sauce, but I can't say I eat it frequently. And I stopped with the Enfamil drops a few days ago bc of the reviews and your previous comment, but I don't notice any difference.

Isabella's Momma 0 likes

It sounds like you are doing almost everything possible...something is clearly upsetting ur LOs digestive system and depending on how the doctor's appointment goes you might want to take ur LO to a GI specialist..you are going to want to be as detailed as possible to ur pedi because they tend to brush these issue off...I highly suggest a GI specialist, it could be a minor adjustment and the GI docs will help efficiently.

Isabella's Momma 2 likes

My Lo had these issues and it was because of acid reflux and a milk protein sensitivity. I was also breast feeding and it was a complete disaster. She is now on Similac Alimentum and Zantac (GI recommendation) she is now a very content and happy baby

Melissa G 1 like

So my LO takes Zantac for reflux as well but he's still breastfeeding. Could it really be my milk?

Isabella's Momma 0 likes

The dose of the Zantac may be wrong...there is a range that they can be on depending on their age and weight...we switched my lo to Zantac before switching to Alimentum and there was only a small difference, but after switching the formula the combination of the both worked miracles! It's so hard when breast feeding because you really don't know what's upsetting ur lo, but sometimes formula needs o happen. I really suggest a GI doctor.

Isabella's Momma 1 like

Since breast milk is so good for them your are going to want to see what the specialist says, so maybe tou don't need to give formula

Melissa G 1 like

It just seems weird to me that this problem is primarily at night! I mean occasionally during the day, but it passes. At night he screams and kicks.

Isabella's Momma 1 like

Is he upright a lot during the day? Does he sleep flat during the day and night or does he sleep in a swing or something during the day? It is very strange that it's really only happening during the night. When do u give his meds?

Melissa G 1 like

Ummm he naps flat and in the swing and sleeps at night flat in his bassinet. Most days he takes pretty good naps. He gets the meds twice a day so morning and night. I really don't get why it's worse at night.

Shyanne C 1 like

Have you tried propping one end of his mattress a little. So he isn't completely flat, helps with tummy issues. I had to do it to my lo cause she would only sleep in her bouncy chair cause she was sitting up a bit. I propped her mattress in her bassinet, she sleeps so much better. She is a gassg baby too. 😊 just a thought

Melissa G 1 like

Yes :) One end is propped bc of his reflux and spitting up.

Isabella's Momma 0 likes

We had to distribute my LOs meds three times a day, so instead of 1.5 in the morning and night we do 1 ml three times a day...you could ask about distributing it...I would watch how he reacts after the meds like in the morning see how gassy he is after the meds. It might be too strong or not enough and because so much is going on during the day you might not notice how gassy he is. Do u take any meds? Or is there something u eat consistently on a daily basis?

Ashley C 2 likes

Try chamomile tea if you are breastfeeding drink it otherwise you can brew it and use it as the water in the bottle mixed with formula I have dealt with a gassy baby from 2 weeks on I changed bottles tried gripe water gas drops changing formula you name it I tried it the tea helps tremendously!

Melissa G 0 likes

Ashley: were you breastfeeding or formula?

Sandra B 0 likes

My son had the same problem I just gave him gripe water in the am and right before bed, he now sleeps so peaceful .

Luda P 0 likes

Boys are usually gassy. There's nothing wrong with your milk, when I breastfed my son I tried to avoid food that bloat like grapes, cucumbers, pears... Also if you feed from a bottle it might be that baby gets too much air in with the milk. Also, I LOVE YOU ( u can google it) massage works wonders. Hope this helps

Ashley C 0 likes

I do formula but I know of some girls that breastfed and just drank the tea throughout the day

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