I know it's a little ways out, but My SO and I have never been big fans of Halloween. Now that we have a 7m old we want to start traditions for all holidays. What are some traditions you do with your family for Halloween?

KLP 1 like

We dont celebtrate Halloween because of what it respresents. But we celebrate every other holiday :)

katie m 1 like

My mom used to take me and my older brothers with a friend of her and her 6 kids around the neighborhood. I'm planning on taking my daughter (she'll be 5 months) to my best friend's to go with her two daughters (4yrs and 7mth)

Jami S 2 likes

Trick or treating. Baking Halloween cookies. Decorating inside by letting them put window decorations on and carving a pumpkin. We also go to a pumpkin farm.

Janie S 2 likes

This year my son will only be 9 months. It's a tradition that my SO and I carve pumpkins. We are thinking about getting him one of the little pumpkins and setting up a bunch of paints and letting him paint it since he is obviously to young to carve it. We aren't taking him trick or treating yet but I am making him a costume to take pictures in. ๐Ÿ˜€

AAJ C 1 like

We are dressing our LO up and going to a few different carnivals for Halloween. I'm also making my niece and nephews little goody bags without candy, their parents don't like the sugar.

Faith A 2 likes

We dress up the kids and go to a festival at churches

Elise M 1 like

As kids it was on Halloween night- now that she is a grandma it's the week of halloween>>my mom does a "spooky" dinner: brains-spaghetti fingers- breadsticks eyeballs- deviled eggs ribs...witches brew- apple cider with dry ice... And we all eat in our costumes and have spooky music play in the back ground๐Ÿ˜‰

Penguin M 1 like

My mom always made Caramel Apples! (and the kids helped) It was super simple but it was a good tradition to start with my mom & my sisters. But Growing up my family ( mom, dad, brothers and sisters, cousins, grandma and grandpa) would dress up and do trick or treating at our church. But my hubby and I just stay in watch scary movies and eat candy & make Caramel apples because we don't have any little ones yet :)

Deleted A 1 like

My husband doesn't like to do halloween. We dress bubs up for pictures and eat some candy at home (us not the baby obvi)

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