I know I can google this and trust me I have but I need real moms responses, what is the best thing to do for diaper rash? My LO is 6 mo and has never had it but he just got over a stomach bug and it has given him diaper rash and I know he's uncomfortable, it's so sad! I've switched wipes I use the desitine! Help!!! I want to make my baby feel better!!

Kathy C 1 like

We feel aquaphor works best for any rashes

Victoria G 1 like

get this stuff called triple paste.. it's sold at babies r us... works wonders

Liz✨ 3 likes

I used Desitin and many others that never worked! The only ointment that has worked for my little girl is A+D... It's really good! Her rash was healing within the next few diaper changes! Just be very good a changing diapers as soon as your baby goes poopy or peepee and put the ointment on at every diaper change and it should heal pretty quick!

Kristen 2 likes

Agree A&D ointment works great on my 2. It's pretty much gone the next day!

Krystal L 1 like

I always use bag balm or A+D.

Katie B 1 like

Triple paste. Expensive but works within 24 hours. It is amazing. My two children have never had a diaper rash longer than 1 day. Also, butt paste works well. You can put the butt paste on and top it off w baby powder to seal it in so it doesn't all get soaked in to the diaper. Goodluck!

Deni V 1 like

A&D is awesome for diaper rashes :)

Morgan S 1 like

I use eucerin aqua phor healing ointment baby. It clears up my lo diaper rash within hours. And you can use it for a lot of things!! I love it!

Kathy A 1 like

It's really important to let the skin breath. Leave his diaper off for a few min after each diaper change. Also, don't use wipes as they will irritate his skin more. I used wet paper towels and only patted the area clean. My son got them a lot when he was a few months old because he developed an allergy to all baby wipes... Good luck!

Ana E 1 like

Try and air dry it as much as possible. Baby cornstarch and baby powder also worked for my little one, but best was just leaving the diaper off.

Marianne M 1 like

I use A&D for every day (Dad won't) and slather on Desitin if I see anything like a rash starting. It's usually gone the same day.

Sade K 1 like

❤️❤️❤️ pure cocoanut oil and airing out the bottom!

Shelby C 1 like

Cornstartch !

Monica M 2 likes

Maximum strength butt paste and pat at diaper changes, don't wipe.

Linsi M 2 likes

I use Triple Paste (expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion) for a rash & A&D ointment as a daily barrier. One of my twins has really sensitive skin & those 2 things don't make her blister & bleed Also, you may want to skip wipes all together. Rinse your LO off in the sink (messy & a pain, I know), then pat dry with a soft cloth (I used on of the soft hooded towels when I had to do it) & then air dry the rest of the way if you can. Then apply whatever cream/paste you choose. Good luck

Michelle 1 like

My baby is 2 months old and only developed one rash so far; I used boudreauxs butt paste and it went away few in a day it seemed. Now I just apply the ointment during night time and she has been rash free ever since

Amanda T 1 like

You need to do his EVERY diaper change: unless it is poo, use a damp warm cloth; then put A&D ointment on; the extra strength Desitin (the purple one). Also let him air out during the day as much as possible. You can also sprinkle some baby powder into the diaper before you put it on him (baby powder is not harmful unless you put it in the diaper before it gets close to your LO) it is great for locking moisture. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Christine E 2 likes

I use the triple paste all the time and my son also has really sensitive skin and it works great! Good luck :)

Katy A 2 likes

I'm surprised I haven't seen this response yet: breast milk!!! Use a warm washcloth to clean off their bum, rub some breast milk on the rash, and let it air dry. Put the breast milk on as often as possible. Fixes it right up!

Kristen S 1 like

Butt Paste works the best - the red will be gone in no time! It has zinc in it and that is what you need

Stefanie Q 1 like

A&d ointment!!!

Tiana R 1 like

Butt paste and no wipes-use wet cloths/soft tissues/paper towels until the rash resolves.

Sara 1 like

Coconut oil!!! Great for gently and naturally relieving diaper rash and helps prevent it when used regularly! I whip mine with a wisk so it's nice and silky then keep it in a small container by the changing table! Love it and no harsh chemicals!

Amy Y 1 like

I use burts bees multipurpose ointment for diaper rashes it works amazing and it dosent have any zinc oxide wich can be really harsh on babies skin.

Shanna L 2 likes

Triple paste works good

Jody G 1 like

I work for a Dr and his advice when I was pregnant was to use Desitin at every diaper change, I try to which is messy but we've not had any problem so I feel like this is working.

Teri L 1 like

Air air air. Destin makes rapid relief cream which is good! Also use desitin extra strength to prevent

Jessica D 1 like

I have had something similar happen with our baby and we aired out her bottom and we used a product called Canus goats milk, it has more zinc oxide in it then other creams. It cleared her bottom right up the next day. http://canusgoatsmilk.com/canus-lil-goats-milk-products.html

Melissa F 1 like

Maylox and cornstarch works wonders! Just mix the two into a paste and put in the fridge. It'll be soothing when it gets cold and the redness will go away within a day.

Liz J 1 like

A&D has always worked for me. You may want to give a bath but don't rub the rash and try to let it air dry with a portable heater in your bathroom and then put plenty of cream on. Hope it clears up soon

Jessica C 1 like

Boudreauxs butt paste. Booty goo.

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