I know for some this might be an eye roll post. But I need some feedback. My daughter is 15 months. I have only fed her really healthy organic whole foods. She does not eat red meat. She eats chicken fish and tofu. Everywhere we go I have to pack her food/snacks. We went to a bday party yesterday and the favors were in a super cute mini mouse box she was really excited about it and when I opened it there was nothing but candy inside and she didn't have any. I also started thinking about

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Halloween and how cute she will be trick or treating but then what? Do I let her have her once piece of candy for the year? I feel like she is going to feel excluded from a lot of things because of how she eats. I won't change her healthy diet but I wonder what life will be like for her? Any moms doing this for their children? Or anyone grow up like this? I wasn't so I'm curious. Thanks!

Stephanie A 2 likes

This is a touchy subject because she's going to realize she eats differently than the other kids and is going to want what they want. My cousin does this with her daughter also. She wouldn't let her daughter eat the point cupcake at the party and it was a big scene because she's now 6 a thinks she's weird and stuff because she doesn't eat what "normal" kids eat. Sometimes you just have to let them have some food or treats you wouldn't really give them on a regular basis once in a while.

Katelyn❤️ E 3 likes

I personally think one candy won't hurt her she needs a little something to sweeten her up❤️ but that's just me. Ps if you don't want to let her don't take her trick or treating because she's going to want the candies and probably get sad she won't be getting any.

Mom of Boys 1 like

That is so awesome that you are able to do this for your daughter. Teaching her young will help her acquire the taste of healthy food. Just beware of when she gets older and goes to school or friends houses. She may start wanting what they have and her friends or their parents may give it to her. I was buying my so. Organic food for lunch and he was trying his friends at school for their junk food. Teachers don't pay much attention unless maybe if you make a big deal about it. Plus they always

Mom of Boys 1 like

Give candy rewards. But I think if she learns to enjoy the taste and she is not used to junk food then she should be fine. Maybe for Halloween if you want her to have some candy not to feel left out you could buy some organic candy for her. You could allow her to trick or treat for fun if she wants and then exchange for organic candy.

Hillary M 3 likes

I was talking to my friend about this the other day and she had an awesome bit of advice: it's all about balance. What makes special occasions so special? Because they are rare! Maybe it's one special treat that she gets to pick out beforehand or knows she gets to choose one on that day. We didn't grow up with candy or treats unless it was a holiday, birthday or something really special. And we were ok with that because we didn't know any different. I will be doing the same for my boy.

Mama J 2 likes

awesome lifestyle! but I wouldn't take her trick or treating if she can't have candy. you know she will want to try and be really sad if she can't have a piece. 💔

Teryn S 0 likes

She will probably get bullied in school just a heads up for when she's older.

Gaby G 3 likes

Maybe you can throw a Halloween party instead of trick or treating and have only the food you let her have

Mama J 0 likes

you can dress her up and let her hand things out to the kids... pretzels, granola bars, raisins, things that aren't candy. Snacks you let her eat

Sophia 0 likes

I'm trying to do this with my son but only because we do the same and he can see our example. However I do realize that he might be invited to parties and other activities that would have things that I don't really want him to eat, it's all about balance, when you say no to kids what happens? For them is usually "yes"or "now I want to" so I'm fine with him having those foods once in a while, I don't really want him to grow up thinking he's weird or maybe doing the opposite, eating tons of junk.

Katie G 0 likes

We replaced all the candy my son got for trick or treating with fruit snacks and boxes of raisins and at that age, we really only went to like 5-10 houses just because he got tired with all the walking and he was a little weirded out by the whole experience of going up to strangers and getting candy lol

Jen A 1 like

I grew up that way and it was hard. Don't get me wrong. Tons Of benefits for you and child as she will naturally grow to like healthier foods and as an adult that will be really helpful, also her immune system will be healthier and less likely to get sick. My parents always made sure I ate really healthy but they did let me go trick or treating and have the candy.

Jen A 2 likes

The hard part was eating lunch at school and my lunch was so boring and healthy but other kids got lunchables. Also, going to my best friend's house I would eat their snacks and wish we got to have that in our pantry. There definitely should be balance. By not having those unhealthy foods it was hard for me to learn self control since I was deprived of having them in our house. As an adult I cannot have any junk food in our house otherwise I will eat it.

Michele B 1 like

If you haven't heard of it, check out the "100 days of real food" blog/Facebook page. The woman who started it blogs about this very issue with her kids and plus schools using junk food as treats.

Logan's M 1 like

Maybe take her trick or treating and then tell her that she's going to donate her candy to less fortunate kids who can't go trick or treating. Then give the candy away and give her some apples with peanut butter or something.

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Good for you. We eat a healthy balanced diet in our house and I'm real strict w sweets w my kids. My daughter is almost 7 and just recently had pepsi for the first time at a friends house. She only gets 2 treats fr her Halloween bag that night then I let her have one a day till she forgets about it or I tell her it's gone. My daughters teacher told me I pack the healthiest lunch of all her kids.

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but it is not practical to have her only eat organic food forever. What happens when she goes to a play date? Or to preschool? Or anywhere else? Is she always going to have to eat the food she brought and never be able to eat with everyone else? I understand wanting to feed your child healthy food and that if awesome and important! But it is possible to go overboard with it and make your child an outsider by (cont)

Megan W 3 likes

separating them from everyone else through what they can eat. Let her experience more in terms of food. That doesn't mean she has to eat all the candy on Halloween, but let her have some!! If you don't, when she's older she is going to feel like she had to sneak sweets and lie about what she eats when she's not at home. It's also way more work for you is you have to bring her food everywhere including parties where food is being served

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