I know any remedy can cause issues and everything should be used in sparingly, but any other moms sometimes hesitant or leery about "all natural" or "homeopathic" remedies to help with teething, cough and/or any other issue? Since these remedies are not held to the same FDA standard as others, I feel myself being more hesitant to try them.

Kate F 1 like

Just because something is labeled homeopathic or all-natural doesn't meet its always safe, but some old-school remedies are tried and true. If I can provide my kids some relief without pumping meds or dyes into their bodies, I do. Some effective ones I've tried are diluted essential oils, and massaging pressure points to relieve teething pain.

Anonymous 2 likes

Just like I mentioned before, a good and healthy combination of medical advice and motherly instincts is usually what works. It is indeed true that just because something is natural doesn't mean that is safe,same with meds,just because they sell them at the pharmacies approved by some Federal Agency doesn't mean that is the safest to give to a child. We moms have to trust ourselves that what we're doing is the best we can for our children. Some of our parents did and we are here safe and sound.

Linsi M 1 like

I don't trust that zarbees that everyone seems to recommend. I've worked in a hospital birth center, a pediatricians office & an ENT office (plus I've been a nanny & now a parent) & I have never met one physician who said yes, give your infant cough medicine. So I won't do it. Call me old school Lol. My twins somehow survived RSV & colds without it & I don't like the idea of medicating a baby just because it says "safe for 2+ months"

J B 0 likes

Kate - totally agree. When my daughter turned 1 I started giving dark honey for her cough, works great. Carolyn - While I have a great mommy instinct, sometime that instinct tells me to ask and listen to my daughters pediatrician. She doesn't encourage any Zarbee's use or amber necklaces, so my instinct is to trust the professional in situations like that. She's very old school in the sense that less is more, with any medicine, approved or not. Linsi- my doctor couldn't agree with you more.

Ashley L 2 likes

I agree for the most part, however, I'm reluctant about some medicines. I mean, hasn't the FDA ever approved something and then changed the regulations or whatever. I just try to use my instincts and common sense most of all. Medicine is great for when we really need it though.

Anonymous 0 likes

I haven't seen any comment that makes me think you use yours Jennifer with all my respect . Just like other moms recommend natural to an extreme you encourage them to just follow books and meds,to strictly give food at 6 months,to not co sleep and to just give honey and nuts as soon as the birthday hits the year, which is my opinion is very square. If they don't, you write comments like this or make them feel bad in a very proper way. That's just my opinion.

Masha M 0 likes

I do alot of research on things before I use. I don't jus take because it's a home remedy.. A combination of meds n home remedies work if used in the right proportion I think

J B 1 like

Carolyn, just because you use the word "respect" doesn't make it so. Your last statement was extremely disrespectful. You are the only one placing judgement here, not me. You continue to assume you know me as a parent because of 500 words or less. When it comes to certain things, yes, I'm "by the book". There are 23 more hours in each day though that are spent with my instinct leading the way. Look at the past comments you've made, and continue towards me, and see where the judgement lies.

J B 0 likes

Ashley, I agree with only using any type of medicine when truly needed. When I was flying with my daughter my dad told me to dose her with benedryl for the flight to make her sleepy. He said he did it with us. I decided against that one. Wasn't a fun flight, but we all survived!!

Coryn P 2 likes

It's always scary to try new things, but when I find no legitimate reason to not use the teething tablets and have countless recommendations from parents and doctors alike, and they work wonderfully to ease my daughter's discomfort, I use them. But I completely understand your thought process. I'm just not one to think modern medicine is out to harm us all.

Coryn P 1 like

And I definitely am not saying that's what you think!!! That's just my brother's reasoning for not using medicine to help his child. I get really tired of all the conspiracy theories.

J B 1 like

Carolyn, not even sure what that last comment is suppose to mean, doesn't make much sense. At this point lets agree to disagree and move on. I feel as though you go out of your way to be rude to me, all because I am to by the book and square for you. It seems I am not allowed to disagree without it being considered "judgement", yet you can actually place labels on me and that's not judgement. I don't understand your logic. Please stop responding, as my posts aren't meant for you to attack me.

Anonymous 0 likes

No judgement here dear,relax. We need to support each other and give our honest opinion,just because I think certain way doesn't mean that I judge I do everything very respectful,no need for drama dear.

Kathy M 2 likes

I hesitated with teething tablets and I waited until he was a year to use them. They work very well for us but I totally get where your coming from. The amber necklace I chose not to do. For me the risks outweighed the benefits but I know for some they work really well. I think I've been really lucky but my 14m old hasn't been sick yet so I haven't come across the other ones listed yet 😁

J B 1 like

Coryn, thanks, no worries. I definitely don't think any type of medicine is out to "get us" even the homeopathic kind. I truly believe they all have good intentions, I'm just sometimes leery, thats all. Which tablets do you use and what kind of results do you see? Do you use them throughout the day, or only specific times?

J B 1 like

Kathy, 14 months and no sickness, that's amazing!! what's your secret!!!

Coryn P 2 likes

Oh I totally understand. I was concerned at first, too. And I think that's an important part of parenting! I use the Hyland's tablets and I only use them at night right before bed. She's generally fine with just Tylenol during the day.

Kathy M 1 like

I use hylands too and i use it once during the day and before bed sometimes. It's good for upfront relief but it isn't long lasting. Umm I have a dog I heard that makes immune systems stronger? Lol not sure. Always wash his hands before eating and coming home from somewhere.

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