I know a lot of people think I am crazy. I am doing what my gynecologist ask me to do and that is, if my period doesn’t start on Saturday that will put me at 1day late on cycle day29 and he wants me to take a pregnancy test and if it still comes back the same I still don’t have my period by Monday I need to call him and make a early appointment to see him and that will put me at cycle day31. Even though my period been irregular, it’s been coming on time on cycle day29.

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Ezrah A asks Anyones child ever have pityriasis rosea? If yes did they get hives during the 6-8-10 weeks of having the virus ?

Kim M asks NBR has anyone been diagnosed or dealt with borderline personality disorder or more specifically quiet borderline personality disorder?

Mommy And M asks My wife and son went out of state to see her family because her grandparents are not doing well. I talked to him on FaceTime this morning and asked him if he missed me. He said, oh boy, I sure do! Sweet boy. They will be gone a week. I'm trying to do nothing while they are gone. Just going to work and resting.

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