I just started cooking and I've never cooked before ! I have a husband a 7 year old and a 2 month old. What are some introductory meals that are easy that I can cook quick. I'm trying to start this now because I plan to make lots of baby food when my 2 month old is of age to eat it.

New Mom 2 3 likes

I like chicken cutlets. Pound the cutlets really thin, coat with flour, egg and then bread crumbs and fry. They are delicious. Next day you can take a bit of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and warm them up in the oven. There you have chicken parm. Good luck

Bri 4 likes

Eggs.. Lol

Christie M 4 likes

The crock pot is my best friend.

Bri 4 likes

Chicken drumsticks with potatoes and carrots in the oven.. Clean chicken with lemon Cut potatoes in small chucks Half bag of baby carrots Mixed kale salad-- for side dish Combine chicken, potatoes and carrots in oven pan-- set oven on 425 and cover with foil.. When chicken is done remove foil and broil it for a few minutes.. Kids would love it.. Simple😛😛😛😛

Marianne M 0 likes

Good for you! I love to cook and wish I had more time. One of my favorite quick and easy is orzo skillet Boil orzo (pasta) Brown your favorite meat (ground beef, chicken, sausage, whatever) Drain the orzo and put back in the pan. While hot, throw on a few handfuls of fresh spinach Drain the meat Add to the orzo Drizzle with olive oil and season to taste To get you started, here's a site with cooking basics and some starter recipes. http://momsbistro.net/how-to-cook-for-beginners-recipes/

Christie M 3 likes

Bri how long do you cook the chicken for? Estimate time

Damien's Mom 2 likes

Meatloaf is always easy and also homemade mac and cheese. If you go to google and type in either of these things there's lots of recipes.

Brittany J 1 like

Bri that sounds delicious! Thank you girls send more recipes lol

Bri 3 likes

About 40 min.. I cut into the chicken and make sure there is no red meat.. Once it's done I broil it and make its crispy and brown..

Mommaofkj j 2 likes

Chicken crock pot meals spaghetti meat balls tilapia brocoli quesadillas rice and beans fish eggs and hashbrowns for the baby make sweet potatoes banana pear green beans peas carrots applesauce but when baby starts eating do one a day for three days to watch for allergies

L T 2 likes

Chicken breasts and a can of salsa in the crock pot. Shred up the chicken once cooked and use it for tacos! Doesn't get any easier!

Olivia N 2 likes

So who's been cooking this whole time? Your hubby? Or fast food? And as for easy fast meals you can do Pinterest:) also allrecipes has some pretty good stuff there, even videos you can watch 👌🏼

Brittany J 1 like

I make baked chicken mashed potatoes corn and green beans or I'll do tacos but I'm tired of doing the same old thing. Fast food comes into play a lot as well

Tia S 2 likes

Spaghetti Half a box of your fave noodles A jar of spaghetti sauce (I use prego) 😊 1 lb ground beef or ground turkey Cook the noodles according to the box Cook the ground beef until completely brown and drain off the oil. Mix everything together and you're done!

Brittany J 0 likes

Yes perfect!

Bri 1 like

@tia don't use Prego sauce, it has lots of chemicals in the ingredients.. Switch to batali pasta sauce, all the ingredients are natural and 1000000000000. better and yummier!!!

Stephanie 1 like

Look up Rachel Ray recipes . That's how I got hooked cooking . They are easy and fast 30mins or less.

Lisa W 1 like

Crock pot is great. Also Pinterest has so many recipes!!!!

Brittany J 0 likes

Yes I forgot about Rachel

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