I just remembered, my favorite snack when I was pregnant was baby carrots dipped in honey. And cherry tomatoes all day any day. ⭐️⭐️⭐️Your weird pregnancy cravings?⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tjs M 10 likes

I don't know how weird this is but j craved crispy fries with yellow mustard !

Mama D 10 likes

Mustard bread with cheese Or mayo bread with cheese lol But never both combined My DH says I'm gross for likeing that I'm like shut up it's yummy

Claudia 4 likes

I put a bacon cheese burger between 2 glazed donuts... Best thing ever! I crave it everyday😍

Dani D 12 likes

Crunchy Cheetos covered in hot sauce and lime juice lol

Rosy A 9 likes

Just lemons!

Kathryn J 8 likes

Any kind of dairy and Cheetos

Beth P 8 likes

Sherbet ice cream and pineapples!

Alicia C 8 likes

I crave deviled eggs made with sweet relish and strawberry limeades from sonic! But only the large ones because the other sizes taste different lol. SO got me a route 44 one day an it was so gross I threw up after one drink but the large is perfect!

Ruth A 7 likes

Green apples with vinegar and salt Yummy

Maranda C 7 likes

Cottage cheese, steak, anything pickled flavored, and bacon

Kristy N 5 likes

Root beer floats.... Almost every night!

Jen M 8 likes

Waffles with bacon, basil, and Brie cheese. Yum!!

immortelle 5 likes


Elizabeth . 5 likes

Lucky charms cereal. All. The. Time! 😋

Sarah U 6 likes

Coffee beans like I just wanted to chew the beans 24/7

Tiffanee P 5 likes

Snow cones

Ciara B 6 likes

Hot wings, pickles, cherry popsicles, green apple licorice

Brittany 7 likes

Cool ranch Doritos dipped in cottage cheese 🙊

Carolynn V 5 likes

Gushers- those gummies with juicey stuff in the middle. I couldn't stop eating them. I would take a box of them and finish all six packets in one sitting. I would sometimes have multiple boxes in a day. My husband kept a stash of them in the garage so he wouldn't have to constantly go to the store to get some LOL

Kirbie D 4 likes

Today was fruit pizza haha. But I crave play dough. And I've been checked for being anemic and all that lol I just guess I love the smell or something haha!

Tara M 3 likes

Ice cream with bacon bits. Don't knock it til you try it, just saying! 😉☺️

Mrs. M 3 likes

Pickles and mayo 😂😂😂

V R 3 likes

Corn with mayo, lime, salt and chili powder. Maybe not so weird.

Courtney A 3 likes

Hot dogs which was really weird because I could not stand them before and can not stand them now. Also barbecue anything: chips, sauce, sandwiches. Again hated it before and after.

Ollie M 3 likes

Mango! Pretty much one mango a night or I won't sleep. :)

Alexis P 3 likes

Lay chips dipped into whip cream haha 😍

Mandy A 5 likes

No weird foods , but I'd crave the same food and eat it for like 9 days STRAIGHT then move on to another food and do the same thing 😂

Sweetest M 2 likes

I craved sugar! When not pregnant, eating more than a cookie makes me ill! While pregnant I hid chocolate bars, ate a whole container of cool whip, ugh... Sucked out the innards of donuts. Blah makes me sick just typing this.

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