I just had my baby at 12:57 this morning. How can I get my colostrum to come in better?

Alexandra F 2 likes

Maybe try pumping between feedings? But make sure you save it all!

Annie M 2 likes

Congrats on having your baby !!

Tara R 2 likes

Lots of water and pumping

girlmom x 4 likes

Congrats๐ŸŽ‰ are you expressing the milk by hand? This is the best way to show it and get it ready for baby. You could probably even YouTube a demonstration.

Ashley R 5 likes

Spend as much time skin to skin with your baby as you can!

Brittany B 3 likes

Water, eating, and pumping! That's what the LC and nurse had me do!

Marianne M 3 likes

Yeah!! Congrats!! Just put baby to breast often. There really isn't any good or better here. You're going to produce what lo needs, which is about an ounce for now. Expect to feed every few hours at least and that will help your milk. Your baby will set the demand.

BJ L 3 likes

Skin to skin and lots of water!! I also pumped for the first couple days to help :)

Megan W 2 likes

Do you know that it hasn't? Mine came in even though my boobs hadn't changed. Then on day 4 my milk came in and my boobs got huge!! And congrats!!!!!

Brina L 2 likes

Skin to skin, healthy diet, LOTS of water, breast feeding often. I've also heard flax seed and oatmeal help stimulate and bring in breast milk.

Linsi M 3 likes

Just give it time, it's only been a few hours. Congrats on your new LO

Mommamba N 4 likes

Congratulations!!! I just trusted my body would give her enough colostrum. Remember their tummies are the size of a marble when first born so you won't make that much. It also took 5 days for my milk to come in with both babies. Skin to skin and constant stimulation/allowing baby to use u as. Pacifier and nurse on demand are the best methods. Also oatmeal helped me a bit

Katie S 3 likes

Congrats!!!!! It'll come! Lots of skin to skin and just nurse as often as baby wants, for as long as they want. Your body is working on it! Also if you pump after each nursing session for an additional 5-10mins it sends the message to your brain to get milking!!' Even if nothing comes out, your brain is getting the message.

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