I just found out that my daughter is on the mild autism spectrum and I want to just cry. I just don't want life to be hard for her. I'm so upset.

Josephine S 2 likes

Awe I'm sorry. But I'm sure your a great mom so you won't let life be hard for her

Rijvana P 2 likes

How old is your daughter? Prayers your way. May God bless her and makes you stronger as well. Keep faith and keep on going mammaπŸ™

Morgan E 3 likes

Awe momma just pray and claim that she will be prosperous no matter what my nephew has that diagnosis too and I would never notice. Prayers coming ur way and most of all just give love

Danielle 2 likes

How old??? I was a respite worker for kiddos with Autism in college and now as a teacher I have kiddos with Autism come to my room for certain subjects. The kids are amazing and so smart!

Stacey S 1 like

Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it. She is still very young she is 19 months old.

Danielle 3 likes

Depending on your state your LO probably qualifies for some services. In our state she would qualify to have a respite worker come and work with her on certain skills for a certain number of hours per month. Find out/ take advantage of anything you can!

Sarah * 3 likes

I baby sit a child with autism and he is super smart!!! Just have a harder time with him communicating with me. He understands everything I say and he is super sweet!! Everything will be okay mama!! And if it's a low spectrum you may not even be able to notice especially with all of the programs they have πŸ’œ

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

I've worked with many autistic students and mild autism is often hardly even noticeable. She may have to work a little harder at certain things but we all have things we have to work at, right? She'll have support and guidance from you and others and she'll be just fine, mama.

Stacey S 1 like

Thanks guy πŸ’œ yea she qualifies for services, they think she needs s lot of work and should have a ABA therapist come to the house and work with her about 15 hours a week.

J L 1 like

A good friend of mine went through this and her son is doing amazing! https://chimericalcapuchin.wordpress.com

Rijvana P 1 like

You got this mamma. Watch your baby be smarter than any other non autistic baby. Give lots of love and supportπŸ’

Jen M 1 like

She can still be a happy girl. Just do your best to raise her with love and learn what things are easy/hard for her. For example, if she doesn't like surprises or out of the norm activities, make a book ahead of a big event so you guys can read it together and warm up to the event. Make sure she has a safe place in the house to go that's her quiet little den (can be a big cardboard box for a while, even!). Don't take things personally, and don't give a damn what other people think. Good luck!

Bri M 1 like

Everything will be okay. There is so much help out there..just remember to be an advocate for your daughter...don't let anyone push you around, and stick up for her needs. She'll be just great.. I work with children on the mild spectrum and they make such great progress with help!!!

Chelsey F 1 like

Stay positive mama! You're so strong and so is your little girl! Can I ask you some questions about it? I'm kinda worried my son might be in the same boat. He's 15 mo. πŸ˜•

Stacey S 1 like

Yes Chelsey you can ask me anything

Chelsey F 1 like

Thank you! What were some of your first implications that you noticed something might be different? My son has always been very good at ignoring us when we try to get his attention. He seems like a normal, happy baby but sometimes he won't look at us. He babbles a lot but only kinda says dada, mama, baba and then a bunch of sounds. He loves water and lights. He gets distracted easily by TV. Not too willing to play with other kids.

Stacey S 0 likes

Those were all the same things my daughter was doing. How old is your son chelsey? I never thought there was anything wrong till my mom started pointing these things out to me a few months ago, so I had her evaluated. There were also things she used to do like wave hello and goodbye or clap her hands, that's she stopped doing and hasn't done in months. She also has sensory issues with food and textures and she runs back and forth and flaps her arms when she gets excited.

Chelsey F 2 likes

My son is 15 mo. He has never waved hello or good bye, he doesn't seem to have issues with any foods, he just seems a little delayed language-wise and some strange interests. But mostly, he seems pretty normal.

J L 1 like

Chelsey - the blog I linked to has a post about early warning signs... She knew her son was autistic very early on. I'll see if I can find the direct link to that article.

Stacey S 1 like

Chelsey If your really concerned, then maybe bring it up to his pediatrician and see what they say. Before I had my daughter evaluated for any learning disabilities, I had her hearing checked, just in case that was why she wasn't talking. Her hearing is fine though, so that's when I had people from early intervention evaluate her. Good luck girl πŸ’œ

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