I have thought a few times & currently convinced that my daughter has mild autism. Any moms of autistic children with tips, advise, etc.? Mine is very attached to me, very picky eater, very emotional - specifically about not getting her way, tends to not make eye contact. She got upset this afternoon because 1 of our 10 toy horses was in the car & not in the stable- c-r-y-i-n-g about it & wanted to go get it. We moved in Feb. first night in hotel, up all! night! crying!- literally! 3yo july

Mama J 0 likes

sounds like a typical 3 year old to me... maybe check with her doctor.

Sophia 0 likes

Besides the eye contact she sounds like a normal toddler to me . They can get pretty difficult sometimes, but it doesn't mean they have a developmental problem or autism. Does she talks, responds to her name,does she follows objects visually, does she smiles, waves bye bye ?

Little K's M 0 likes

That really doesn't sound like autism. It just sounds like her being a normal toddler. But you know your child the best. If you are concerned, go get her checked out by a doctor.

Gunner Danger's M 0 likes

The fact that she is attached so strongly to you is a very good sign. One of the first indicators of autism, for me at least, is a lack of emotional attachment. Other than the eye contact she sounds pretty normal. You can always have her evaluated. There are mild forms of the disorder on the Autism spectrum.

Mommy And M 0 likes

Does she have any sensory issues like aversions to certain textures of food, certain fabrics, loud noises?Does she tend to interact in play with other kids or only play beside or parallel to them? Is she obsessive about one topic and that's all she cares about? Does she exhibit empathy for others? Does she understand jokes and funny things or does she interpret them literally? Is she super intelligent in a few specific areas like reading now at her age on a much higher level? Does she zone out?

Deleted A 0 likes

Doesn't sound like autism to me

Nilza D 0 likes

My cousin is autistic and your toddler sounds like a normal toddler.

Mommy And M 0 likes

Does she have an extended vocabulary for a child her age? Does she have to be right and correct you when she feels you are incorrect? Does she have a sing song inflection when she speaks? Does she have problems with bi-lateral exercises like riding a bicycle, skipping rope, jumping jacks, walking up stairs? Does she have an awkward walk or gait like swaying from side to side when she walks? My ex founded a school of autism in our city so I was very involved and then my niece was later diagnosed

Jesi C 1 like

Get her tested. The earlier they can diagnose her and get her treatment the better. My nephew would show many signs of autism but when my sister had him tested they said he just has a behavioral issue. It can be scary but you need to have her tested ASAP!

Sally M 0 likes

I did read that they believe it is genetic but then triggered by things like not taking prenatals(check), older parents(he was 43? Check), oxygen deprivation in womb (she had a knot in cord at birth that they said must have been "old", check?). She has always hated having a blanket on her. She does play by herself a lot. At neighbors (they are 6&4 mine are 6&3) she will play together but frequently alone too. She knows words to many songs and loves to sing and will do good singing to herself

Sally M 0 likes

For a 3yo. (My 6 yo cant sing along to songs she has heard a ton of times. Mumbles along). I feel impressed with my 3yo there. Can not get her to spit for the life of me (brushing teeth). Incapable. Can spit food out she doesn't like. Will correct me, need things a certain way. Can be lacking empathy with hurting others. Is very nice and caring but... Hurt me a couple times in a row, didn't care so I addressed it.. Avoided my words wouldn't look at me, ended up crying about it like wth

Sally M 0 likes

She is so soft and quite when she speaks. In american eagle today- said music was too loud. Didnt get upset though but wanted to leave. Hard to get her attention sometimes, definitely zones out hardcore sometimes, mostly tv. Has daniel tiger toy with attached watch. Was so upset that his watch was off and it needed to be fixed but kept doing it repeatedly and then crying about it. Left handed. Super attached to a pair of boots and been wearing them a lot through summer, upset if lost em

Sally M 0 likes

Yea so, doesn't hurt intentionally but i say oww or that hurts and she doesn't flinch or care. No problem with slides we have at home but refuses at playgrounds 90% of time and more now than before. More picky now than before. Bites nails last few months. No interest in potty training, jacket must be zipped if wearing it and hood up. Can get upset about having dirty hands sometimes. Upset about 'broken things' that basically just arent doing exactly what she wants.

Sally M 1 like

Issues sleeping through night. Was 2.5+ the first time but still frequently wakes up middle if the night. Dont think its nightmares at all. In bed between 7-78, up around 5-6. I end up in bed w her from midnight-1 on most nights. Like I Said tho- mild, very mild. But feel it is there and I need to approach everything with her a certain way. Some things differently than i currently do if this really is the case! Dont want meds, but just want to know if she really is- it affects things!

Mommy And M 0 likes

And it's harder to accurately diagnose in girls. They are good at masking to adapt and flying under the radar. It's imperative that when you get her evaluated it's by someone experienced because the spectrum has such a wide range and girls especially are often misdiagnosed. Boys are typically more obvious with aggression issues but girls display it with high anxiety.

Sally M 0 likes

She definitely has high anxiety. We were leaving our apartment once and I forgot my water on the counter, so I told the kids to hold on a second. The door didnt stay open on the carpet per usual and I went in and got the water and came out, literally 3 seconds tops. She was crying cause the door closed. And every time we left for the next month+, she would cry because sissy was over the threshold and we werent, or I stopped to lock the door, elevator was opening before I was right next to it etc

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