I have the worst morning sickness. No energy. I hope it goes away :( Any secret tips other than B vitamins and "it will eventually go away" -or- eat crackers (yuck!). Protein seems to help only temporarily. Desperate. Need to get back to work & feeling a little bit more vibrant so I can work :) I am 12 weeks pregnant. Started around week 7 & still here. Dyinggg

Berenice N 2 likes

Ginger ale helped me a lot. I also heard to chew on ginger.

A E 1 like

I am very pro natural but my only saving grace was taking Diclectin prescribed by my doctor. It's meant for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness and is safe with baby. Worked wonders for me. Wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor about it either. Good luck!

Coryn P 2 likes

You can get zofran prescribed. I ate a lot of candied ginger. That helped a lot

Jessica M 1 like

One thing that helped me a lot was ginger. Ginger ale, ginger root, even vitamins section of store getting ginger. Hope you feel better. Oh yeah and zofran from my dr.

Sara 1 like

If there is anything you can stomach try eating it before you even sit up in bed. Also, lavender is a great essential oil to help with nausea. Putting some on your pillow or on a washcloth that y can breathe in may help.

amy s 1 like

ginger ale and animal crackers were what got me through my first 16 weeks. good luck!

Brandi M 1 like

Drink lots of water and exercise regularly. Fruits are a good thing to lean towards, as well as nuts, and granola. Keeps you energized and nourished and feeling great.

Kel F 4 likes

Preggy pops! You can suckers or candy I had terrible morning sickness and they were life savers for me !!

Katy A 1 like

I had hyperemesis gravidarum and I tried to go all natural for as long as I could. There is a product called Sea Bands that you can get at Walgreens; they're sweat bands with little balls that go on a pressure point in your wrist. Also, I would lay in bed for a while before standing, and then take things very slowly. I ate really small portions all throughout the day and ate mints when I felt sick. When I couldn't stand it any more they gave me Zofran and it was a miracle worker.

Kim F 1 like

You can also try natural ginger candies or peppermint. Those two things helped me out a lot. I also opted for wheat thins as opposed to saltines, as the saltines didn't work well for me. Hope you feel better soon

Ciara B 1 like

Mine was sooo bad I was prescribed meds. The meds I took are called Dicelgilis. (Might have spelled it wrong) but lt worked, ask ur doctor for it. My doctor just gave me free samples enough to last for abt 3 months til it went away on its own

Becky W 1 like

My doctor prescribed me zofran when I was pregnant. Helped so much and by 14-15 weeks I didn't have morning sickness. My doc has said it usually gets better once you start your second trimester. Hopefully you don't have morning sickness your entire pregnancy!

Boymom 1 like

Ginger ale. And babies r us has these ginger candies you can suck on.

Safia E 1 like

I lived off of mashed potatoes (made fresh), toasted bread, ginger ale, and loads of water. Ginger and lemon drops didn't work for me! But they worked for others! Good Luck, it's the hardest part!

Shannon B 1 like

My morning sickness ended around week 14 and the only thing that helped was a big glass of cold water with lemon as soon as I felt sick. Good luck!!

Jen F 1 like

Mine lasted the entire pregnancy! I had zofran prescribed and it was a life saver! Sea bands also worked temporarily.

L A 1 like

Preggy pops! They sell them at buy buy baby and babies r us. Walmart has them sometimes. Hope you feel better soon.

Kimberly H 1 like

I Agee with the ginger

Austin S 1 like

I had (whole day) morning sickness almost my whole pregnancy. Only thing that helped me was actually throwing up.

Krista M 1 like

There are some candies called "Gin Gins" they are AMAZING! My Moms BF was going through chemo during my first pregnancy and they had them at the cancer center for the patients. The doctor gave her a bunch for me and they helped a lot! Now with baby 2 on the way, I went straight for the "Gin Gins" Also, for me sour candies worked in a pinch :) Congrats on the pregnancy Momma!

Erin O 0 likes

Thank you :)

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