I have my 6 week follow up with my ob on Monday. I've never taken birth control before, but now that we have a baby we want to be a little more cautious. I am breastfeeding and I've heard the best options to not affect your milk supply are the IUD or mini pill. If you have used either of these bc methods I want your opinion! Do you like it? Do/did you breastfeed and if so did you see a change in supply?

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Following! My 6 week check is Tuesday!

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I had an iud placed a month ago and did not see any changes in my milk supply.

Mommy 1 like

I was on birth control for almost 10 years before we started trying, after I had her I decided I never want to be on it again, I hated the way I felt while taking it. We've just been using condoms and sort of making sure we are extra careful mid cycle (ovulation time) If having another one isn't completely out of the question, I recommend not taking anything.

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I started taking the mini pill 6 weeks postpartum, I had lost 25 pounds in those 6 weeks and one month on the pill 10 came back !

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I am doing the mini pill and love it! I've been on it for 7 weeks (started in week 6) and have had no weight gain and my milk supply is increasing so it clearly hasn't affected it! I'd say it is worth a try!

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I would rather not take anything as I never have before and we didn't get pregnant until we tried to. Just thinking about it because hubs is worries I'll get pregnant easier now that I've had a baby haha. I have to finish 2 more years of school so we want to wait until then to have another. I had just heard good things about the mini pill but I'm worried about my milk drying up. Also I do not need any extra weight right now 😂😂 lol!

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I had no change in milk supply but I did get a lot of milk duct clogs. I had it removed and I have it had one since

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I got mirena, an iud, put in because I knew I would forget to take the pill everyday. I like it so far, it has been 3 weeks. I haven't seen a change in milk supply. I have been spotting a lot but the doctor said that's normal for the first month after getting it. The she said periods are super light. Some prefer para guard because it has no hormones. but I have no side effects from the hormones.

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I had the nexplanon but it at 4 weeks pp and there was no change in my milk supply I also love the nexplanon I haven't had any side effects at all from it I have heard horrible stories about the iud

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Ive had my mirena IUD in for 5 months now and I've been breastfeeding the entire time I've had it. I haven't had any issues with my milk supply and I have lots all my pregnancy weight plus some!

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Any BC will affect milk supply as they release hormones.

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I used the mini pill from 6 weeks postpartum. I did not notice any change in my supply, nor did I have any side effects!

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My LO is 4 months and I got the mirena IUD put in 8 weeks after my LO's birth. I am EBF and I haven't noticed any changes with my milk supply and I didn't notice any dislike or change with my LO when I did get my IUD.... Cont 👇🏽

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And I must say that I like the IUD a lot more than the pill.... I was on ortho tri cyclen lo for like 8-9 years before my hubby and I got preggers.... I haven't noticed any weight gain, no nausea, the only thing is that I have been spotting off and on like every 3-4 weeks or so...

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I used the mini pill for years and did well on it, it also let me ebf for about 18 months. I stopped it and got pregnant right away

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I had an IUD placed around 8 weeks pp and had it removed within three months because my body reacted really badly to it. Constant spotting, full periods ever two weeks, cramping, headaches, just over all not good. I switched to the mini pill and had no supply issues (exclusively pumped for a year now) and produced enough to donate 125 ounces to another mom in need. Trying to cut my supply now but have about 75 ounces still left to donate again :)

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I would suggest the iud. The mini pill is fine if you are a super organized person who will never forget it. You can't really forget the mini. I've heard that around 6 months pp you can be very fertile. I kind of believe all of these things now because I'm 16 weeks pregnant and my daughter is 9 months old. 😀

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