I have finally had my baby boy! 6 lbs 2 oz 19 inches long! Healthy as a horse. I came home today and I believe my breast milk has now come in.. After feeding tonight my LO threw up his whole feeding and was still hungry I fed him some more and he just keeps throwing it up. Is he just getting used to setting to the breast milk from the colostrum or should I be worried. Help😳

Spring J 1 like

I would keep trying some baby's can take up to 2weeks to get used to it, but because he is so young I would keep a close eye on him. Make sure he doesn't lose wight

Jamie R 1 like

And don't forget to burp him right after. That was the problem with my little girl she would spit up right after feedings if she wasn't burped.

Hayley S 1 like

Make sure to burp him well.. Like feed him an oz then burp and so on..

Alison M 4 likes

He might need to be burped more! Their little digestive systems sometimes have a hard time adjusting :(

Null N 1 like

Congratulations!! (:

Chelsea A 2 likes

Could possibly be some kind of milk allergy that's what happened with my Lo

Carrie W 2 likes

I think he is just overeating a little bit now that it's legit milk and not just colostrum. I'd give it a week or so,and see if he can adjust. If not, I'd talk to the pedi about an allergy of some sort, or reflux. As long as he is gaining weight, you should be fine :) You are doing good mama!!!

Ruth A 0 likes

Congratulations mama

Lauren P 0 likes

It could be something you're eating too! I was never able to breastfeed b/c my baby wouldn't latch so I'm not sure what foods could cause it. Somebody on here should know.

Marifel F 0 likes

Feed him little but frequent and burp him in between. Otherwise, consult his pedia.😊

Momma To 2 U 0 likes

Could be something you are eating (dairy usually) caffeine, strong herbs or spices. And probably needs to burp more. Feed for 5mins then burp and just keep doing that

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