i have been soo stressed, i’ve had 2 really big babies both over 10 pounds and now my third at 24 weeks was weighing in in the 90%. my doctor drilled me and told me i needed to watch my weight so i wouldnt have a really big baby again. i’m now 27 weeks and probably put on another 3-4 pounds even tho i’ve been watching what i’m eating and only treating myself to a dessert on sunday. i have no idea what else to do, any mommas have any advice on how to lose or keep my weight in check while pregnant

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Try doing some pregnancy Exercises And eating a lot of fruit and veggies and not too much sugar and junk food.

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Sometimes It's Just how you carry . I carry big too . I'm 35 weeks my baby is 95% big my first one the same way. Don't beat your self up about it . Don't Let the doctor make you feel like you are doing something Wrong bc you are not . If you are trying your best that is all that matters .

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I lost 20 lbs during my pregnancy due to stress and constant nausea and my baby was still over 8lbs. If you don’t have diabetes and are pretty much being healthy overall than i wouldn't worry too much. walkoften to keep your body limber for delivery and enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can.

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