I have a seven week old baby girl and I am already thinking of getting pregnant again! We want out kids close in age but I'm trying to figure out how soon is too soon. How close are your kids in age? Advice, pros/cons?

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Mine are 9 months and 18 days I wouldn't change the age gap for anything I love having them so close!!

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My sister has 2 boys, exactly 17 months apart. I feel like, as long as you are still going to be mommy, and you won't make your LO do all the parenting and such, any time is good, if that's what you want! My sister doesn't do this, but her first son chooses to get diapers, a bottle, toy, or pacifier if his brother starts crying. My cousin has a 4 year old and 1 year old and she will call her 4 ya old out of her room while playing to take care of her brother. I HATE that.

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My mom had me and my sister 22 months apart and my other sister I was almost 5 when she was born and I was mommy to them. It sucks. I mean I learned to grow up and I'm probably a better mom than if I hadn't have been put in that situation. But, still.

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My midwives said to give your body a 2 year break before becoming pregnant again. I had a natural delivery no complications. But that was just one persons input! Cons- the attention/time you will be able to give to the newborn will be lacking and vice versa to your one year old. Changing twice the amount of diapers. Id like to wait until my LO is 2.5-3 that way the new baby would be born when he is almost starting JK. My sister and I are 3.5 years apart and are best friends :)

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13 months apart are ours/will be

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Having at least an 18 month break between pregnancies increases chances of a healthy pregnancy and second baby. :)

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Mine are going to be somewhere from 9-11 months apart. I find out on Tuesday. The doctor told me it's unhealthy to get pregnant so soon and I have a slightly higher risk for a miscarriage.

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They say to give your body a break. 12 months is what I have been told. I would tend to agree. If you are healthy and your husband is all for it, I would talk it over with your doctor and see what happens. Mine are 18 months apart. I enjoy having them so close together. Good luck to you and your family!

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Mine are 19 months apart. I like that they are so close but it sure is hard work. Lol

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