I have a question is there any single mom is out here? I haven't seen or spoken to him since he found out I was pregnant how do you cope dealing with this all by yourself some days I just feel so alone

Momma B 1 like

I am. And it's easy he was a piece of crap so I think I don't need him my LO is all I need

Sondra S 2 likes

I went to therapy for a while. Then I get with my high school sweetheart. So now I'm not as upset about it

Cynthia R 1 like

I'm about to be a single mom my due date is May 12 and I'm honestly so depressed about it I don't know what to expect.. Last year I was single going to college 19 yrs old everything looked bright for me.. Till he came in.. He lied he's actually married already he's a bum does drugs and disappeared as soon as I got pregnant.. I was planning open adoption up until 8 months of pregnancy but my mom did not support my decision and I did not want to go agains her I feel like my life is ruined now

Ashley C 1 like

I am! And I have 4 kids so I don't have time to think lol

Cynthia R 1 like

I feel like I lost all hope but my family is being supportive and wants to show me that I did the right thing by not doing adoption anymore.. I'm scared how my son won't have a father and I won't have a family but I guess I'll just wait and see what life has in store for me now I just wanted the best for my son so I hope by listening to my family I made the right choice in the end..

Cynthia R 1 like

*they did not support my decision about adoption I mean

Proud M 1 like

I am.

Libby L 1 like

I haven't spoken to Mylos dad since I was 8 weeks pregnant. If you feel comfortable you can find me on Facebook (Libby Leonard, Utah) and we can message each other! It always helps to have friends in the same place you are.

Carmon C 1 like

I am. I hid it up until I was 8 months prego. Until he saw me. And all hell broke loose. He isn't a good guy but yes I loved him. It hurts I cry a lot. But I got to therapy because I also have postpartum depression and I try to keep busy. Keep loved ones around you as much as possible. It really does help.

Baby Girls Mommy 1 like

I am! I haven't talked to the father since I was 3 months pregnant and he left me... It's super hard really hard to go on by yourself and go through all the milestones of pregnancy. But honestly family and this app got me through it. Every mile stone or exciting news I would post on here and other moms would be excited and comment. Now that my daughter is 2 weeks old she is my entire world and he doesn't even matter to me anymore she has my whole heart and my motivation. You can do this!!!(:

Meghan B 1 like

I am. He was in and out the whole time and has seen her once when she was born and that's it. We still don't talk and she's 4 months. I have a bunch of support and I'm happy to do it alone... I'm being a little selfish and saying I'm happy I don't have to share her with anyone and I truly mean it. Haha it's hard but you will get through it

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