I have a question how do you moms discipline your kids without feeling guilt? I try not to spank them. Just because later I feel really guilty. Then I feel sad and sorry for them. - my son smack my daughter in the head and I got upset that lately they just don't listen . And I smack my son on his hand and told him NO you don't smack you be nice to your sister. And I felt so bad. He cry (saying it hurts) but I didn't smack him hard.

Kissy x 2 likes

I tap my daughters hand when she dose something bad and say "no, please don't touch". But if you have 2 children and do that they might think it's okay to smack ecothers hands when 1 of do something wrong.. So maybe time out? Take fav toy away? No snack?

Taylor M 4 likes

He's just crying because he knows it makes you feel bad-even if it doesn't hurt! If you show them that you'll cave and feel guilty when they cry, they'll start walking all over you! My best advice is to be firm and not to let them make you feel bad! If you do spank them, it doesn't have to be an all the time thing, just when it's something really bad. Try time outs or taking away one of their toys until you feel they've earned it back-and communicate that with them

B T 6 likes

I'm not trying to be rude but genuinely trying to help...I don't know if I'd smack him for smacking his sister..it's like saying it's not okay to do it but it's ok for you to which doesn't really teach him it's wrong at all..

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

How old are your kids?

Mandy S 3 likes

You hurt his feelings, not his hand. Don't feel bad. I know some are against spanking, but my mom whooped my butt and I turned out just fine. If he sees that it makes you feel guilty, he'll take note and lay it on thick. Stay strong!!

Samantha H 1 like

Flick behind ear is what a friend of mine does, because hers was learning to smack from hand smack.

B T 0 likes

I think maybe a conversation about how it's wrong to hurt people would be more beneficial. Make him apologize..if he doesn't stop then giving time outs

Crystal Q 1 like

We do time out with my little guy - we sit him, or send him, to a designated corner of our living room & make him stay 1-1.5 minutes (he's currently 18 months). We'll also say a strong "no" if the situation calls for it.

Nely R 1 like

They are 4-6years old

Nely R 0 likes

Thank you moms!

Ally B 5 likes

If you smack, why can't he? Sorry it's a bit harsh but true. You are their role model. Demonstrate positive behavior. Instead, ask him what he could do differently instead if hitting. Practice that positive behavior with him.

Happy M 4 likes

Time outs, loss of time doing a favorite activity or favorite toy, having to write out why what they did is wrong and an apology letter to the person they hurt are other ways I've seen parents discipline. My doctor said hitting/spanking/smacking children only breeds children who will do the same because they see the parent use that as a solution and think it's an acceptable solution when they are frustrated.

Kaitlyn L 1 like

I would do time outs but you have to be consistent. If time outs don't get the message across and the behavior still continues take away a favorite toy/ tv/ video game. You just have to do it when you say you're going to. Even on the small things. Smacking and tapping hands is usually done when parents are frustrated and angry over a situation. It doesn't translate well with children.

Nely R 1 like

I'm trying this new discipline Like if your good and being nice and finishing your work-food- clean up. By the end of the week for the weekend we get to go out as a reward for one of each. Seems to work so far but a lot of smacking each other or taking away toys from each other. I'll stop the smacking which I don't do it often BC it's hurts me. Then I shouldn't get upset either I'm 11weeks prego. But also they don't deserve that either .

Kathy R 1 like

Time out !!

Janae M 1 like

At that age a little smack on the hands or time out is fine but it's up to you dear.

Ashley M 0 likes

A weekly reward is too far out for kids this age. Try to focus on the positives. Catch them being good and praise them verbally. @ the beginning privileges & treats could be offered too.

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