I have a probably stupid question, but I can't figure it out. Both my girls had lice and we just got home from the treatment place so I'm throwing all their bedding in the dryer. They said high heat for 45 mins. My dryer for some reason won't do it for more than 5 mins I guess because the stuff is already dry. Maybe someone has same dryer as me and can tell me how to do it. Will post pic in comments

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Crap it won't let me post pic. It's a Samsung multi steam vent sensor. It has like a million buttons. It's on of those big blue ones that you put on the pedastal . They also come in red if that helps lol

girlmom x 2 likes

Time dry option if you have it

Out N 2 likes

Do a time dry instead of sencore dry

Heather 1 like

I can't even find a place to do time dry

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Ugh I don't understand why when we post from Android that pics are blurry and never show the whole image

Jessica D 3 likes

I washed all the bedding with hot water and then put everything in the dryer.

Nikki M 2 likes

I woujd also wash and dry

girlmom x 2 likes

Maybe take it off of eco dry. It's hard for me to see but I think that's what it says

Heather 1 like

Took of eco dry and used the sanitize option and it seems to run longer, but still now long enough. Guess I'll just run it several times per load. They said I didn't have to wash just dry high heat for 45 mins

A C 2 likes

You can also put it in the washer with hot water

Yessenia O 3 likes

Just wash it first even though washing isn't required it can't hurt

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