I have a newborn,shes 4days old and she cries alot i dont know what to do? Any suggestions? Shes fed n shes changed and all but still cries and i feel so helpless.. Will it ever end??šŸ˜ŸšŸ˜ŸšŸ˜Ÿ

Mercy W 0 likes

Does she have gas? You could try burping her, or swaddling her. Those are the only reasons my baby cries,

Heather C 1 like

It will end I promise. Is she to hot/cold? Gasy? Try burning her. They can get cranky if their tummies hurt. Burping and/or pushing her legs up and then down. Maybe colicky? Try and trade off with someone and have a break for a bit as well

Tiffany F 3 likes

The first couple months it's all just a guessing game and trial and error. Some babies just cry a lot and nothing you can do. The only way I could get mine to stop those first couple months was to take her for a drive. Just take it one day at a time. Eventually it gets better!

Mercy W 1 like

Sometimes they just need to be held when that young cradle her and rock her.

Mommy Of t 0 likes

She has been burped and she does not seem gassy i massages her legs n she seems fine... She wont sleep tho and i am breastfeeding so shes with me non stop.. I feel so helpless that i cry with her šŸ˜”šŸ˜”

Krista T 0 likes

May be colic? My little guy was colic. It was terrible, not sure how you feel about natural alternatives but we brought him to the chiropractor at two weeks old, two taps on his tummy and he stopped crying immediately. Best thing I've ever done! Hang in there!

Monique R 5 likes

Swaddling and holding was what my lo wanted. But really you going to have to experiment, your baby and you need to get to know eachother.

Emerald City Q 2 likes

Swaddle blankets were what worked for my daughter.

C's M 2 likes

Maybe nursing on demand?

Boymom 0 2 likes

I thought the same thing when our baby was a newborn. He cried all the time for no reason and he didn't sleep very good either. I didn't think it was ever going to end. He's 6 months now and he is so much fun! He loves to play and hes always laughing and smiling! And he has been like this for 3 months or so now! The first few months are kind of crazy and tough but it does get better momma just hang in there!

Nicole H 2 likes

Skin to skin and walk, slight bouncing. Let them hear your heartbeat and get warm against your skin. Also, be sure to drink a TON of water if you're nursing. Just because she's suckling doesn't mean she's full. They get tired so quick if it's a lot of work to nurse.

Boy M 1 like

Feed her and then feed her some more!!

Momma E 1 like

I agree with all the ideas other mommas shared. Also try things that produce white noise- hairdryer, vacuum, fan. Of course don't blow on your little one, but let create a background noise.

Christie M 3 likes

Does she have a swing? Or a vibrating bouncer. My son loved those when he was a newborn and the vibrating bouncer really did help calm him down at times. Also try a pacifier and swaddling.

Boy M 1 like

When I had my first, I felt so helpless when he cried. I knew I had just fed him, so how could he be hungry, BUT he was. The outside world is so different and LO doesn't have the comfort of consistent nutrition from the cord, so has to rely on crying to let you know..."please feed me again." With my second...I just kept in feeding him and it definitely helps with supply, if you are nursing...good luck! You're already a fabulous mom, look how concerned you are. Signs of a great momma!

Sarah C 1 like

Try a bath and right after skin to skin. Also, if you are breastfeeding make sure baby latches on properly.... If yes then might be ok to try a pacifier if you want.( I gave one to mine at a week old because he wouldn't settle down, it worked great. Also, try swaddling and a few laps around the house rocking side to side. Good luck( it gets better)

Sandra M 2 likes

3 things to always ask Hungry, diaper need changing, too hot/cold. If it's none of them could be gas. I will never forget first night home with the girls I thought I would crack up. She's getting used to being in the big bad world it will pass. Hang in there x

Momma To T 2 likes

You have to remember the world is a new place to a LO. They've been tucked away in your body for 9+ months. It will get better but not likely anytime soon as LO is only 4 days old.

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