I have a daughter that has been recently diagnosed with adhd. How do you handle yours? It's so hard for me. Does it get any easier?

Caitlin V 3 likes

I have taught lots of kids with ADHD so granted I wasn't with them 24/7 but sometimes it was close. I think the biggest thing is not letting the ADHD be the reason she uses for not succeeding. You acknowledge how hard it is and praise her for her strength but never let it be the reason she couldn't be everything you know in your heart she can be. Otherwise, they will blame everything on it even when it's something else or, even worse, she will really think it's just the ADHD that makes her

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Every adhd child is so different. Learn to read their cues of when they are over stimulated or ready to shut down. Patience and understanding is going to be needed and what works for one kid may not work for yours. Your bag of tools and tricks will need to constantly be changing. And remember no matter what that kiddo says and does they love and need their momma.

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Try a ketogenic diet. In other words cut carbs and sugars. It should help quite a bit. Especially before medications and such. Look up Maria Emmerich. She is a great nutritionist and even has info on medical conditions and how they are affected by food.

Caitlin V 3 likes

No good at everything. Those kids were the hardest to deal with and care for because you just wanted to hug them and let them know "YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS". I'm sure you already do all this but I know it's also really hard not to want to give them an out. It does get easier in that every day you are learning a little more about how to deal with it but the challenge is different every day. You just have to hang in and know you are your daughters best lifeline for success. You CAN do it.

Caitlin V 3 likes

I second the ketogenic diet. I was skeptical of it but I have seen it in action and it really does work. :)

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Definitely agree with diet changes as mentioned above. Also make sure she is getting plenty exercise and "non focus" time where she can be free and play like she wants

Cali^Mom F 1 like

As a teacher I've dealt with a lot of ADHD kids and I agree with everything above.

Sheila C 1 like

Can someone explain this diet? I have know since she was two that she was different but doctors never would do anything.I just want to help her so she isn't made fun of when she goes to school in August.I just want my baby to know she is perfect and nothing is wrong with her!!!!! I have bipolar and mood disorder and depression so it's a challenge for us both I know. We both are in therapy so I can help my baby girl better.I just need some pointers on how to deal with her.

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When she misbehaves how do I deal with that?

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Having ways in place for her to get out extra energy so she can focus can be helpful. For example, if she's having trouble completing a task, have her go outside and run around the backyard for 5 min and then come back and try again. You can also try rewards systems for acceptable behaviors instead of always disciplining bad behaviors. Really, there's no reason not to discipline as you would any other child. You just have to learn to recognize which things she does because she can't help it

Cali^Mom F 1 like

and work on teaching her alternative ways to deal with those feelings vs which things are just normal, willful disobedience.

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