I have a baby shower. I want to bring a gift for the mama to be (dw I got plenty of stuff for the baby). If it was you what would be a gift you could of really appreciate it personally.

A C 6 likes

My best friend got me a maternity shirt and a gift card to a store so I could buy nursing bras and tops. It was very thoughtful and helpful

JooLin R 2 likes

Bath stuff - bubble beads and body wash with loofahs and such. With some chocolate. I took lots of baths after for healing and relaxation.

Babygirl G 1 like

What alissa said also anything to pamper the mom maybe a giftcard to get a pedicure, a massage Or a little care package for her postpartum or a nursing bra or something nice and soft and comfy for her time in the hospital

Megan B 1 like

My sister in law actually got my son a lamb with a blanket as its body. With my sons name embroidered in it for him. It was the best and most endearing gift I received

Evette V 2 likes

One day or night of watching baby when s/he gets here! Or set day(s) to bring over cooked meals for her when baby comes.

Evette V 1 like

If you have common friends maybe organize something together where you have set days to help out when baby comes. You should be flexible of course if mom wants personal family time.

Sahar A 4 likes

Prenatal massage gift certificate!

Courtney â 5 likes

My MIL got me a gift certificate to my local nail salon, he had enough money on there for me to get my nails, feet, eyebrows, and a wax done My dad got me our certificate for a house cleaner for a week My mom got a gift certificate to delivery food places we use them all for the first two months at home My brother got a massage envy certificate for me 💕

Lid & 1 like

That's a great idea... I would've loved that at my shower

Sue S 1 like

Babies r us gift card!

Marianne M 1 like

A nice super soft throw for those times you're up in the MOTN holding the baby Or A g/c for a pedicure and a "coupon" to watch LO while she's there.

Erica H 1 like

Foot bath or foot massager and/or a nice pair of comfortable slippers.

Isabella's M 1 like

Candles! I'm obsessed with bath and body works candle .

Tyler F 2 likes

Didn't have a baby shower but my sister's mother in law gave me a prenatal massage and it was the most awesome gift. I really appreciated that one 😊 a friend of mine got pregnant, and I passed the kindness along and got her one. She was crazy excited about it. They're heaven in the last couple of weeks and is incredible for the mama to be! ❤️😊

KW â 1 like

I got my friend a huge bottle of wine (for after the baby was born), and a gift certificate for a massage. I also got her a bunch of small things from her registry, and a gift card to target. Her face (and everyone else's) was priceless when she pulled out the wine. Hahaha. She was really excited about it though.

KW â 1 like

The next baby shower I go to, I'm going to get some nair, and some slip on shoes. Lol. Shaving and tying my shoes were the worst! 😉

Caitlin V 2 likes

My friends family organized for the first month family and friends to come help with house chores (she was a SAHM) and general stuff like that so she would have someone to pal around with or take a nap, whichever she needed more of. It really helped her adjust.

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