I have a 4 year old boy with ADHD and ODD. He goes through stages of uncontrollability. And it's horrible. I try to keep my cool, but it's real hard!!! I finally took him to the doctor and after lots of thought, got him on meds for ADHD. (Don't judge) but it doesn't seem to help with his ODD. It is just horrible. He is focusing much better in school, but still uncontrollable most of the time. How do I keep my cool? I'm so worried for my son. And for his two year old brother.

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No medication will probably not help with ODD. It's more of a behavioral thing. There may be something else underlying going on. Hang in there mama! I certainly would never judge a mom for trying medication to help her child. We all do what we have to for the well being of out children

Linda D 0 likes

Some people judge me because I put him on medication for ADHD and he is only four. And to be honest, I think it really has helped. But people still judge me and say it's bad or whatever.

Missy H 1 like

People shouldn't judge at all. Different strokes for different folks. As a pharmacist, I see many many kids on this medication. I hope it works for your son.

Caroline W 0 likes

ODD is such a challenge! Have you sought advice/treatment from a child psychologist? That's where I would start. Some of my colleagues use Love and Logic with the kiddos they see.

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My son is autistic, mood disorder and ADHD. Medication is the only thing that helps him. Before he was on medication he was a danger to himself and others. My son is older (10) but medication is not always a bad thing.

Linda D 0 likes

It's helped him be able to focus more! But he still has problems listening and doing the right thing. In other words, things still aren't connecting properly up there. He just started the meds like a week and a half ago, so maybe after a bit meow time, we might see changes in his behavior I'm hoping.I just don't want everyone to keep thinking that he is a bad kid. He isn't. He just seems to be having problems making connections in his brain about certain things.

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Give the meds some more time. If you don't see a change after a few more weeks I'd call the doc to see if there's something else they can do. Some parents don't get the luxury of dealing with ADHD and won't understand why they need the meds.

April A 0 likes

When my nephew was little he was on medication and it helped dr. Also told my sister to cut back on sugary foods :)

April A 0 likes

*food and drinks.

Linda D 1 like

Oh I rarely give them sugar. And soda is out of the question. Lol

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