I have a 14 month boy who I have been nursing since he was born and I want to wean him off the breast but he don't like formula or homogenized milk or juice and is having a hard time even using a bottle. Any suggestions??

Charo C 1 like

Take one feeding away at a time they love the comfort they get from breastfeeding if he acts like he don't like it he knows you will give the breast

Amy H 2 likes

I agree. Take one feeding away at a time. Don't do juice! Avoid it as long as you can. Try whole milk or coconut milk or almond milk or goats milk. See if he will take any of those. We just offered my son at 12 months whole milk at any meal or snack and it took him a few weeks but then he loved it.

Mommyof3under3 3 likes

Pump and mix the breastmilk with cows milk. I had to gradually increase the cows milk and decrease the breastmilk in order for my daughter to accept it.

Lauren @ 0 likes

We have done the "phase one meal out at a time" method for all our kids (just started solids with baby #3) and it works great. It takes some patience, because you have to do it gradually for the sake of your baby and for your body. I hope you find a milk he loves! Mixing pumped breast milk and whole cows milk is a great idea, and Amy gave some awesome milk alternatives!

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