I hate that I am sick and I have to literally ask for help. I am caring for the baby and all the housework. I know she is gonna sleep crappy cuz her ear and throat hurt. I sarcastically say to dh " i better rest now in case i am up a lot all night. Dont want to end up with pneumonia". His reply? "Good plan. Love you". F him!

Eryn β 2 likes

Men just don't understand.

Haley H 2 likes

Omg happens to me all the time! Feel better momma! We're all cheering for ya!

Darlyn S 3 likes

Why don't you just tell him to help . Men don't think out of the box like we do sometimes we expect them to just read between the lines but they can't do that because thier men and they don't know hints .. I stopped giving my husband hints and just started telling him when I need help or need him to do something trust me it will same you lots of fights and angry nights ☺️ lol n u will be a hammy momma

Darlyn S 1 like

Happy lol

Kristin β 3 likes

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol. This sounds like something my husband would say.

Danie M 0 likes

Sounds like my husband, jerk

Katty G 1 like

Yup they don't understand nothing. My bf would say the same! 😑

Jade F 2 likes

My husband is down stairs playing video ganes instead of giving me a break! I hate him 😑 they are all so selfish huh

Coryn P 2 likes

Effin men.

KW β 0 likes

Wowwwww.... I would have been furious. Sounds like something mine would do though.

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