I had the worst time at the hospital yesterday πŸ˜“ everything they did was so painful and uncomfortable I never wanna go back 😩 it's like I was so anxious to go since I'm overdue but I'm so terrified of giving birth my pain tolerance is at an all time low. My SO keeps telling me my body was made to do this but I really feel like I can't. I hate them sticking things in me and cervical checks are annoyingly uncomfortable and I HATEEE needles omg I'll prob have to be induced tooπŸ˜”

Kara P 0 likes

Get that epidural.... You don't see or feel the needle you are numbed before hand. And they never show it to you its all prepared out of your sight. After that it's pain free 😁 good luck to you!!

Cassandra K 1 like

I'm like you. Pain tolerance doesn't exist. Get used to needles. I fear them too but you're going to be poked at tons of times. My arm was quite purple when they were done taking my blood numerous times a day for a few days. Sorry to scare you.

Out N 1 like

I had 2 kids and never had blood taken in the hospital. Only had the iv with fluids. You can also deny cervical checks. And if your in pain tell them. I had a natural birth with my son and started having intense pain and pressure. They checked my dilation and was only a 9 but baby's head was coming out anyway. They told me I should wait for pushing till I was a 10 but I told them no baby's head is coming out on its own I would rather push

Megan R 1 like

They're should only be 1-2 needle sticks for an IV and blood draw. If you have low pain tolerance go for the epidural, it's not painful it just feels really weird and let the doc know your nervous and to talk you through things. Then once you have the epidural the cervical checks feel like nothing. Don't forget the reward you get at the end, having your sweet baby in your arms!! It will be over before you know it.

Rebecca P 1 like

Yeah I'm the same as you momma I got poked over 5 times for my iv but once your baby is on their way your body kicks into full gear and does it on its own really and you'll be pretty amazed ! Just try and rest momma I felt like that a week before I went into labor I got a bad flu and felt the same as you but get your rest and Try to relax it'll be so worth it

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I had an unexpected seizure immediately after my unplanned c section so I'm sure they just kept poking me because of that.

Babygirl G 1 like

Dont worry once the contractions start going youll be like needle what go for it i dont care aboit anything except taking that pain away, plus i dont even remember the pain now

Priyanka K 0 likes

Labor pain is an intense bodily sensation but this is a transformational pain. This pain is not due to any injury or illness. It is not harmful. The pain is intermittent & during the rest period you feel relaxed. Try to be mindful during any kind of intense bodily sensation. Read about Lamaze breathing, it's doable. Our body starts secreting natural pain killer chemicals called opioids during labor. Also you have the help of epidural. Congratulations & you can do it... ❀️❀️❀️

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Once everything starts happening u don't really have time to be scared, it's the thought of everything before that's horrible. I was also terrified of labor, needles and just hospitals in general, but when everything was happening all those feelings were gone and I was just like okay I'm done being pregnant and she is and will come out! I only pushed 3 times and it was done! Also, they have lots of different pain meds for u if u want them, so don't worry! Good luck! U'll feel like superwoman

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