I had my baby 7 months ago, and the last 2 months my hair has been falling out like crazy . Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced really severe pp hair loss ? What can I do about it?

Josselin M 2 likes

Your not the only one it has been happening to me too and I have no idea why 😣

Masha M 3 likes

I was told it's normal after Preg. It was happening to me after I had my first baby. I started taking organic coconut oil (non gmo) gel Tablets and since then my hair has actually started back growing thicker and fuller. I've seen a huge difference in my skin nails and my face! You can research it online if you want and c if it's something you're willing to try!

Jackie P 1 like

Its just loss of vitamins.. Take a multi! Biotin works good

Melissa B 1 like

Yes it is completely normal.bit is all hormonal . Your hair will continue to fall out , but should subside .

Liz C 3 likes

It is very normal. During pregnancy hormones cause your hair to grow faster and more full. In fact during pregnancy you don't loose much hair at all. After pregnancy, as your hormones return to normal, the extra hair you grew begins to fall out and overtime your hair returns to pre-pregnancy hair. I'm having horrible hair loss 4 months PP but I do remember my hair hardly falling out at all during pregnancy and my hair was thicker than it's ever been!

Evette V 1 like

Yes !! And I had little baby hairs sticking out of the top of my head for months afterwards. They just stopped at 15 months post.

Stephanie W 1 like

Biotin too

Michaela R 2 likes

Oh man I'm losing sooo much hair. I could make a wig with what I've lost. It drives me carazy and my husband hates it too. It's get everywhere. He pulls my hair out of his beard when he's at work. Haha. You are not alone.

Deanna A 1 like

Normal. I lost so much I thought I'd have bald patches! But nope it went back to normal hair loss in a few weeks or so.

Robyn M 1 like

Completely normal. You don't lose as much hair during pregnancy, which leads to it feeling thicker. Then a couple months or so after the baby is born it makes up for it.

Lisa M 0 likes

Ugh..the worst! Theres not much you can do. Ive heard taking prenatals helps a tiny bit

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