I got invited to a meet up with a local mom group. I'm new in town and I'm nervous! 😁 I feel like the new kid in class. Haha

Mrs. H 1 like

Ahhh that'll be fun !

Jamie 1 like

You will have so much fun! That's awesome. Enjoy

Laura S 0 likes

You should go. Not only mommy groups are a great support system but you will also build future friendships for you & your child. 😊

Sara C 2 likes

I wish we had a mom's group here!

Linsi M 1 like

Go try it! I would give it a couple tries & if you don't feel like you got in you don't have to go anymore. I wish my area had something like that!! Good luck & have fun!!

C M 1 like

Very exciting! Great way for you and LO to both meet new friends. :)

Jessica T 0 likes

I'm a stay at home mom and happened to meet the group organizer at our ped office! I really hope it works out. We get so bored while husband works all week!!

Shannon H 1 like

I love moms group. Go to a couple of times because different people go to different events.

Alyshia D 1 like

How would you go about finding a mommy group?

Jonica R 1 like

I'm apart of a moms group and I've met 3 amazing moms who are now my close friends!

Jessica T 0 likes

Alyshia, it was totally by chance. I have no idea! πŸ˜• maybe look up on Facebook?!

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