I googled and now I am freaking out about throat cancer. 😭 like I'm almost crying.

MommyJ 1 like

Prayers. What are your symptoms ?

JVP 1 like

MommyJ i have these bumps on my throat for like 3 weeks now. I hate google

MommyJ 3 likes

I did that before when my hemoglobin in my blood was very high. Google said I had cancer. But my doctor did tests. It came back good thank God. Please don't google anymore and see your dr

JVP 2 likes

MommyJ I cannot wait until Monday .

Kylie&Conner's mommy. 3 likes

Omg! I'm sure you're fine but I totally get how you feel, for the past 2 days I've had a strange feeling in my throat and neck when I swallow and google said cancer 😰

JVP 0 likes

Kylie&Conner's mommy. It started with pain!! And soreness. It's awful. :,(

Ashley B 0 likes

Do you have an appt Monday?

JVP 0 likes

Ashley B no. I'll call monday!

Magillicudy M 4 likes

Doctor google is a quack! Did you see a real doc yet?

Magillicudy M 1 like

It could be so many things. Don't stress yourself out

Nikki M 3 likes

Sounds maybe like strep. You never use doctor google.

Miss T 3 likes

According to google I was supposed to die 5 years ago and I'm still alive πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Lauren S 2 likes

Yeah I'm thinking strep too

Kat E 1 like

I think google gives everyone cancer. Don't stress till you've talked to a doctor. And stay away from doctor google! Nothing but lies I tell ya!

JVP 0 likes

Kat E I will! I call urgent care but so pricey!

Alisha H 1 like

Google is the worst omg. Just save yourself the worry and stay off there! Prayers for you!!!

JVP 2 likes

Alisha Hill Kat E Lauren S Nikki M no strep. She said maybe a viral but to see an ent in two weeks.

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