I gave birth on July via C-section (lost my baby due to small lungs and a condition named arthrogryposis) I have been having painful back pain even when I don’t work much at home, it's Not where the needle was injected, do you mommas think this pain will go away after a while?

MommyJ 1 like

So so sorry to hear that. Prayers and hugs sent to you🙏 sorry about the back pain. I hope you feel better 🙏💗

Ayahs Mom A 1 like

MommyJ thank you, I appreciate Your kind words❤️

Elizabeth S 2 likes

I'm Sorry about your baby . But I have the same pain it is very painful ! I looked it up it's Called postpartum Back pain it usually going away at 6 month but im think of going to ciropactor they do postpartum cracks and adjustment

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