I FOUND THE SECRET TO MOVING A COSLEEPING TODDLER TO HER OWN BED!!!!! Lol just kidding. One size doesn't it all,but I did find it works for us so it's worth a try for you.... I asked with a light voice if she wanted her crib, she said no. I made a huge deal like "omg wooooow, this is THE coolest bed ever. And guess what?! It's YOURS!!! It's (insert name)'s, say mine, me? Your bed. Yay I love it" she ate it up and fussed, talked and moved. However 8:30 put her down by 9:30 =asleep WITHOUT CIO. šŸ˜‹šŸ˜œ

Launa A 0 likes

How old is she??

Evette V 0 likes

Nice!! How old is your LO? I anticipate some of this when we move our LO to a toddler bed =P

Caitlin T 0 likes

Man I wish that could have worked haha. Right now I can put my daughter in her crib for Naptime, and she will put herself to sleep no problem, at night she refuses and will cry forever. I let her cry for an hour once with constantly checking on her, and she just wouldn't have it. 15 months and we still have to hold her to put her to sleep :(

Perfectly M 0 likes

She's two yrs

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